Still on Vacation Mode

Gosh Ive been so very busy these days. I'm still on vacation mode today spending my time with my mom. I always accompany her everywhere she goes. Although I always bring my laptop with me, but my mom is also using it that's why I only get the chance to check out those important messages and update some my blogs. As much as I'm trying to do my multi tasking to cope up my missed posts and some paid tasks, I find it hard to concentrate well since my mind is still set on our vacation mode. lol! 

But anyway, don't worry my dear friends specially those who are an avid reader and follower of my blogs, I promise to get back to you and visit all your blogs soon. As of now, I am spending more of my time with my family specially with my ever missed mom because we only get the chance to see each other once in every year. I want to cherish every moment and treasure our time together while she's here with us. ^_^

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