What's the Best Wireless Internet on the Go? I Need You're Help Please?

Two weeks from now my mom will gonna be spending her holiday once again together with us. My family and I are so excited as well as our relatives and her long lost friends too. And since its her holiday, I am also having my holiday because I am her usual companion, bodyguard and chaperon... lol!

We are usually renting an apartment that's located near the beach every time she spends her holiday here. My mom is also a Facebook addict like me and I'm sure she will definitely bring her notebook and were gonna be having a dilemma again on how she can still get connected to the internet. We used SmartBro Plug-it Prepaid USB before but it costs us a lot since we always have to load it.

They said that P100 is equivalent to 5 hours of internet usage. What? are they kidding us? it only consumes 2 hours because of the very slow connection. My mom always ask me to buy another load for her internet. We don't want to waste our money anymore in spending several hours of having a turtle and crawling internet connection. 

Right now I am confused which one offers the best wireless internet connection.  Some of my friends recommends me to get the new Globe WiMax. I also noticed that some of my neighbors are also using it. I think Globe has a better signal here in our place. It's also cheaper compared to Smart Bro Plug it. 

But the problem is, I am going to bring it anywhere I go since  I have to use and bring my own laptop too. And just like the plug it USB device from Smart Bro, I think it usually depends on the area where the signal is fast and strong enough. 

I believe that wireless internet connections causes a lot of interference vulnerability. We are using Smart Bro wireless broadband before but we decided it cut it off because of the huge mango tree that interferes the signal from the tower to our place. 

I need your comments and suggestions about this my friends specially to those who are already using this wireless plug and play connections. I am planning to subscribe for a post paid plan and I don't want to waste money on this. I can't just simply disconnect it when I am not satisfied with their service because most post paid plans has a 1 year contract of subscription. :( I hope you could help me guys... I need your opinion please?  You're help is highly appreciated. Thanks so much! 

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