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It's Beautynomics' 5th year Anniversary Contest!

Better late than never... here's a last call of entries today for us to join  Beautynomics  5th Year A nniversary Contest! Before it officially ends today, I really want to join this contest or else I will lose half of my life in the contest world as a certified contest addict! nyahahaha! You've got  to join this contest too because the prizes is so awesomely fabulous!  Check Beautynomics' 5th year Anniversary Contest! Don't forget to visit Sophie's contest sponsors too: Avon Philippines Pond’s Philippines L’Oreal Paris Philippines The Body Shop Philippines Purederm Philippines Golla Philippines House of Obagi Beauty & Minerals Goodskin Labs “Win prizes from Avon, Pond’s, L’Oreal Paris, The Body Shop, PureDerm, Obagi, Beauty & Minerals, Goodskin Labs and Golla! Visit Beautynomics’ 5th Year Anniversary Contest entry to know how!”

Boost Your Business Right Away

I know it is not an easy task to lure people into peeking on the company's offers and it is much more difficult to persuade and convince them to purchase the product. However, with the help of advanced modern technology right at our fingertips, communication through the internet is very easy to establish. The most reliable way of communicating with the customers is through email. It may be an ordinary marketing strategy but this kind of marketing campaign aims to keep a good relationship for customers and give them a handful of great offers by sending out newsletters and company information. It is also a useful lead generation activity that can attract prospective clients attention with advertisements, special offers and engaging content. With a little bit of creativity, an email list management can help provide your business with more advantages than any other marketing campaign. You can implement an email marketing scheme by sending email messages so you can optimize valuable

Laminate Flooring for our New Home

I'm always fascinated every time I saw those elegant laminate floors from my friend's house and even at some food establishments here in our place. Laminate flooring combines a high value and quality of flooring. It may not be as pricey as the high class types of flooring, but I believe it still provides our home with a natural looking durable flooring.  Our friend recommends us to buy laminate flooring for our new home because she said that its easy to clean and maintain and its very hygienic too. I also believe that one of its advantages is its price since its quite cheaper that any other types of flooring available today. I better look for a reliable Floor company that offers high quality laminate flooring that could also do the installation and assembly flawlessly and safely. Aside from its affordable price, laminate flooring is fairly durable too . It even  comes with a warranty for several years and more, which means that as long as it is properly maintained, it can l

Film Showing Models

  Me and My sissy-in-law Last Saturday we had a night of Praise and Worship and Film Showing for young people which was held at our church. We call it a "Jam for Jesus" night as we also watched a Christian video showing how indescribable the love of God is. It was such an awesome night of thanking God's goodness in our lives.  More awesome red entries only here on Ruby Tuesday

A Suspicious Activity here on my Blogger Account ?

I was so surprised, tensed and worried when I was trying to sign in here in my blogger account and saw a flash message informing me that about this security issues where blogger found out that there has been a suspicious activity happened on my account lately. Blogger advised me to change my password immediately so I followed the instructions where I was able to received the pin code from my mobile phone. As I was trying to check out and do some research about this suspicious activity, I found out that aside from someone who is trying to hack my account, I found out that Blogs that are removed from Blogger are not only for spamming but for violating any Terms of Service such as Copyright Infringement, Links to Illegal Downloads, scraped content, content purely to Affiliate/PTC sites with no unique content etc. Ive heard that there are programs that have been launched such as remote sign out and information about our recent account activity to help us understand and manage our account

J is for Jesus and I'm a Jesus Freak!

One of the things that keeps me busy offline is our continuous church activities. Last Friday, we had a night praise and worship , film showing and revival which was held at the beach. This event is specially intended for the youth members of our church. Our church music team that includes me, my hubby, my brother in law and his wife and the rest of the young people.  God's presence was moving that night...Praise God! Hubby and I  Our printed T-shirt and yes we are all addicted to Christ! To God Be The Glory! I'm posting this entry for ABC Wednesday

Restoring the Beauty of an Art Glass

I'm so fascinated with the beauty of an art glass because of its special form of art which is intricate and flowing. I would love to put it as my special piece and fine decor which will surely bring an elegance and style to our new home.  Did you know that many people choose to add glass sculptures to their art collections? Unfortunately, the very nature of glass sculpture makes it a fragile thing. However, we can find a skilled restoration and repair specialist since they can produce restorations to these special pieces of art. Using their unique skills, they can fix broken art glass to the point that the repair is undetectable as their art glass repairs and restoration focus only on restoring the piece without influencing or changing it. Finding a truly unique piece is a bit like finding a treasure. So, if you do find that unique glass sculpture and it’s damaged, consider using art glass repair to bring that piece back to life.

I'm IN To Join Sis Shela's "For The First Time" Giveaway Contest!

When I first saw this super fabulous prize of Sis Shela’s “For the First Time” giveaway contest, I immediately fell in love on this pretty in pink adorable purse. You know how I really do love pink that’s why I could not resist in joining contests like these specially if the prize is just like these lovely pink “Kikay” purse. Joining Sis Shela’s give away contest is so easy peasy! no more hassles and all those difficult mechanics. Just check out her giveaway contest on  her beautiful blogs: Kurdapya Meets World Motherly Instinct Simply Filipina Contest will end on March 31, 2011 and she will be announcing the winner a week thereafter. What are you waiting for pink lover mommies? Join now!

Building Your Own Custom Built Log Homes

If you want to build your own unique type of dream house, building a custom log home is the best option for you because this type of custom built Log cabin homes can be shifted from one place to another. You can design your log home with some attractive themes and designs. You can also decorate some lights and flowers to give a living look to the home. You can also hire these types of custom built homes from a reputed company or agency on monthly rental basis. If you don’t want to spend all hard earned money just for purchasing a log home, hiring will be a great option for you because you can save a lot of money in the long run.I myself prefers to build the entire house and households with wood logs. And with the help from service providers who offers the log installation facility for homes, this will surely give a beautiful and glorious look to my custom built log homes.

Busy in Doing God's Work

After spending my time with my mom on her 1 month holiday here in the Philippines, I was also busy in doing God's work as our church did several soul winning activities such as praise and worship, film showing and revival night. God has really showed His miraculous power to us. I just can't described how God is doing in such a powerful way in our lives specially to those youth who have never experienced God's presence and goodness. All of the young people was revived last Saturday night when we had a revival night in singing praises to God as well as doing an altar call and healing. We thought that this event was enough. We never expected that there is something more where God showed and proved to us His great and mighty power when one of our young people member was suffering for almost a year of bondage's of sin from amulet and all those witchcraft. She was demon possessed and we thanked God that through our unity in prayers, we were able to cast out that demon out fr

Got This Pretty Purple Bag from Ria's Give away Contest!

I finally received the prize that I won from  Ria’s World First Give away Contest ! I really feel so blessed being the first the prize winner of her contest because I got the chance to choose any of the fashion items for sale from her fashion online shop. Her fashion shop offers the latest fashionable clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes for women, men and kids. Most of her items are pre-order which are mostly from China, Hongkong and Korea.I chose this Bowknot Embellished Purple Bag because my mom recently gave me several tops and sexy elegant purple blouses. This is indeed a perfect match for my clothes! ^_^  I also received this pretty butterfly pendant watch  as her surprise additional gift for me. Thanks alot sis Ria! My daughter loves it so much. :)

Look Elegant and Stylish with Pashmina Shawl

I always admire women who are wearing an elegant scarf. It simply shows its chic, grace and femininity. It also adds a character to an outfit where it can create a beautiful style whether they are dressed in a classy way or just a simple casual look.  If you also want to try out the softness, warmth and elegance of a genuine Pashminas Shawls , Spencer's Pashmina offers the most exclusive collection of pure Pashminas where it is delicately made from the finest wool of Himalayan goats. They offer a wide variety of single colored, Two Tone, Printed, Jamawar pashmina scarves and shawls. They are only using an organic dye that is why Spencer's became known as a brand name in the pashmina world of scarves and shawls since they have a guaranteed and superb quality. Whether you like wearing Shawl Pashmina or you choose other types like cashmere or silk, it is just a matter of experimenting yourself and go for simplicity with some nice accents to go with it depending on what occasion

It is Truly The Year of the Lord's Favor For Me and My Family!

I just can't express my happiness and my thankfulness to God on how He truly blesses me and my family this year. If you have been following my posts, you see how God is moving in such a powerful way in my life. I am so amazed of His goodness and His loving kindness to me. I started this year with full of blessings that I received online from having several domain blogs where I mostly got them for free as well as those give aways and cash prizes that I won from joining contests online. Lots of paid opportunities came also in to me this year for my blogging career. My family and I are even more united in Christ and we keep the fire burning as we continue in serving Him. I really do believe that this year is the year of the Lord's favor for us. One of the huge blessings that we received this year was our ever dreamed house where can finally call it our own.We don't need luxurious and expensive house, we just need a simple and decent house that can provide us comfort, shelter

Lots of Prizes & Surprises from Chiminess First Major Contest!

I am enticed to join Chiminess First Major Contest! Why? because I want to win those awesome major prizes specially the 1 year .com Domain and 1 year Free Unlimited Hosting which was sponsored by Chimiyuki herself. I really wanted to add more blogs so I can share more interesting topics and posts based on my blogs niche. As of now I do have mixed, fashion, food and parenting blog. I am planning to add more for home and living, games and technology, woman and lifestyle blogs. Aside from the exciting paypal cash prizes, I also want to expose one of my blogs using the 125×125 banner ads from the sponsors blog.  NOTE ( I copied this contest blog post as part of her mechanics from the contest) CLICK ME Add this button anywhere on your page. (Must be visible.) Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Tumblr | Tumblr 2 Follow me on Plurk Follow me through Google Friend Connect Follow me through Networked Blogs Subscribe to my feeds. Subscribe t

My 7th and 8th Blog Coming Up!

Aside from all those blog updates and pending tasks that I need to finish with, what made me busier these days is because I am setting up another blog which will talk about parenting and motherhood. I'm still searching for some nice free templates online that could fit my blogs niche. I am still halfway to go before I could finish it. Now I am thinking of creating another one which will be my home and living blog since we recently bought a house and lot here in our place. I'm sure it will be an exciting journey for me and my family as I'm going to blog about it when we move to our new home soon. These 2 new blogs will be my 7th and 8th blog. I know its not that easy to create a new blog since it requires so much time and effort to build, construct and monetize it. Running multiple blogs indeed takes a lot patience, devotion and a lot of persistence if you want to do it right. But if you take a look at its positive side and you want to maximize your money earning potential

Who Wore it Best?

I actually made a blog post about this Who Wore it Best? photo from my Fashionably Trendy blog where me, my sister and my mom wore the same dress but with different color combination. When I first saw this elegant looking dress from my sister’s photo in Facebook, I feel in love with its fashionable style and design. I liked it even more when I saw it worn by my fashionista mom. It’s actually her own dress. My sister just used it when she attended a night party together with her friends. My mom is currently spending her holiday here with us and one of her plans from her holiday is to have a reunion of friends from her college batch mates. We were also invited to attend this social occasion that’s why even before she planned this event, I already told her that I don’t have a nice dress to wear for the party. And since I know she has lots of nice and elegant evening dresses from her closet and as I also browse her photos , I told her that I would like to

Looking for a Language Translator

Since we can't afford to buy a house and lot, Mom and I decided to go for financing through housing loan from the bank. It was the bank manager from BDO who offered my mom to apply for their home loan since they knew that my mom is capable of paying it based from her work abroad. It is a plus factor for them where you can easily apply for any loans specially if you are an overseas worker. One of the main requirements for OFW to apply for their home loan is the employment contract, the income tax return and the approval from the Philippine Consulate. My mom was already divorced so they need a divorce/separation paper as one of their requirements too. She can provide these papers but the problem is, all of these documents are written in German language since this is their main language. The bank will not accept if my mom will be the one who will translate it. They want other person who will do it. My mom finds it hard to look for that certain person who can do it since most of them

Moving to a Better PLace

We may not want to move again to another place but we have no other options. This is just one of the things that we hate to do since we were only renting a house. Now that our landlord told us that they want to use the place already, we have no choice but to pack our things and move out. What I hate about moving is the stressful work of packing our things. Good thing a friend of mine referred me to this trusted and reliable moving company who are already an expert movers with lots of positive reviews from their customers. This trusted and reliable UMoveFree Review for sure will help reduced those heavy work load of mine, the loading and unloading and the physical fatigue and stress of moving. Based from the reviews, these movers are on time, their very professional, friendly and very careful with our belongings. Now I know where we could get the best moving company that could help us in moving to a better place where our things will be taken cared of.

A Quick Pose at the Street Parade

Here's Me and my Mini Me's quick pose taken at the Kaamulan Festival as we witnessed the Street Dancing Competition from different tribes and indigenous groups who participated this event. It was such a fun and memorable day! It is indeed a great family bonding time specially now that my mom is here with us as she spends her vacation here for almost a month.  More of Mommy and Kids precious bonding moments only here on Mommy and Me Monday  

Sharing a USB 3G Dongle Internet Connection

One of the main reasons why I couldn't update my blogs everyday is because I can't use my laptop since my mom is also using it. I have subscribed to Smart Bro's post paid 3G plug-it USB so I can have an unlimited internet connection. It's really a big help for me and I'm glad that the 3G signal and connectivity is fast here at the beach where we always choose to stay every time my mom spends her holiday. However, since my mom always wants to go online everyday, I can't use my laptop often that's why I find it hard to check out my blogs and update it. I also have alot of things to do offline while I am still on my vacation mode with my mom. So hubby and I tried to do something on how I can still get connected to the internet. We have thought of sharing this USB 3G plug-it from Smartbro using my new laptop (the one which my mom is currently using with) and my old laptop.  Hubby tried to enable the internet connection sharing through network connections with

More Than $600+ in Cash and Prizes from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Give away!

Crystal of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is celebrating its First Blogoversary Giveaway   as her way of thanking her blog readers and followers. More Than $600 Worth of Cash and Prizes at stake!!! Check out its cool and awesome prizes below: Prizes $100 Amazon Gift Card Grand Prize -   Budgeting in the Fun Stuff $100 Donation to the Your Favorite Charity (as long as it has a Canadian Affiliate) – Sustainable Personal Finance $30 Cash via Paypal – How to Save Money $25 Cash via Paypal – Aloysa’s Kitchen Sink $25 Cash via Paypal – Maximizing Money $25 Amazon Gift Card – KNS Financial $25 Amazon Gift Card – Live Real, Now $25 Amazon Gift Card – PT Money $25 Amazon Gift Card – Buy Like Buffett $25 Amazon Gift Card – Prairie Ecothrifter $25 Amazon Gift Card – Invest It Wisely $25 Amazon Gift Card – Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance $25 Starbucks Gift Card - Couple Money $20 Amazon Gift Card – Squirrelers $15 Amazon Gift Card – Free From Broke $15 Amazon Gift Card

A Must-Have Collection for Vintage Collector of Wall Clock

We all know that the clock is one of the most important devices of all. It is simply a gadget that we use to tell the exact time of day. They are definitely functional, but they can be stylish and fun too. Using wall clocks is a great way to add some color, compliment to your decor and even brings out a whimsical touch to your room. I remember when I first saw a vintage cuckoo clock at my friend's house a few years ago and I was really astonished of the very loud noise where the bellows mechanism inside the clock imitates the sound of the bird very well. And just like a grandfather clock, the cuckoo clock has a particular shape that readily identifies itself. It is a wall clock that has two or three weights to drive time, the hour, and a melody. The most distinguishing element of this clock is, of course, the cuckoo bird that jumps out of an opening in the peak of the chalet to announce the hour with the right number of cuckoo sounds and announce the half hour with one cuckoo so

I Got the Chance to Shop for Fashion Items Online for FREE!!!

I am so happy today when I found out that I am the 1st Prize Winner of Ria’s World First Give away Contest where I have the chance to choose any of the fashion items for sale from her fashion online shop! Woot! Her fashion shop offers the latest fashionable clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes for women, men and kids. Some of her items are pre-order which are mostly from China, Hongkong and Korea. Ive always been fascinated about Asian fashion clothing specially from Korea. I just love its trendy styles and designs. We have lots of Korean clothing store here in our place that’s why I could check out those latest new arrivals and styles. However, I can’t buy all those items that I like. Thanked God I have the chance to get those latest Korean styles for free! Here are my top choices from Ria’s fashion store: Bowknot Embellished Purple Bag, Fashion Strap Embraced Zipper Roman Sandals, Fashion Edging Studded White Handbag and Wedge Heel Zipper Back Sandals. I am now con

A Stylish New Uniform for Nurses

I always admire medical practitioners specially those nurses who are wearing their hospital scrub uniforms . Their profession looks so noble and professional since they are always committed in giving medical care to their patients. I know they are making sure that they always look presentable and dignified every time they face their patients. Nothing is better than being assisted in the hospital by medical staff if they look competent on their career. Medical Scrubs are specially made to provide comfort, flexibility and durability. Did you know that there are hundreds of different styles, patterns, and colors to choose from out from these hospital scrubs? Those nurses who have been found wearing nursing uniforms that are brighter, more colorful attire actually creates a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Not just that, there are also unisex medical scrubs that are made for both men and women. Medical scrubs and uniform have come a long way from the unisex scrubs of the pas

Being Forgetful, How to Overcome it?

I am still on vacation mode this time but I am trying my best to update all my blogs and finish all those pending tasks and assignments specially from Sheriff. I just can't go online anytime because my mom is also using my laptop. And speaking of my mom, I just want to share with you some of her misadventures from her holiday since this is actually the first time that ever happened to her when she forgot to bring her ATM card which serves as her pocket money.  To make my story short, she doesn't have money on her holiday. As of now she is waiting for her salary to arrive within this week. Good thing her bank here in BDO considered her were she can still withdraw her money even without an ATM card and passbook. I noticed that my mom is really getting forgetful recently. She told me that maybe because she has lots of things in her mind that she keeps on thinking with that includes her work, her family, friends, love life etc. According to some research, people who are becoming