Being Forgetful, How to Overcome it?

I am still on vacation mode this time but I am trying my best to update all my blogs and finish all those pending tasks and assignments specially from Sheriff. I just can't go online anytime because my mom is also using my laptop. And speaking of my mom, I just want to share with you some of her misadventures from her holiday since this is actually the first time that ever happened to her when she forgot to bring her ATM card which serves as her pocket money. 

To make my story short, she doesn't have money on her holiday. As of now she is waiting for her salary to arrive within this week. Good thing her bank here in BDO considered her were she can still withdraw her money even without an ATM card and passbook.

I noticed that my mom is really getting forgetful recently. She told me that maybe because she has lots of things in her mind that she keeps on thinking with that includes her work, her family, friends, love life etc. According to some research, people who are becoming more forgetful often results of our modern lifestyles and information overload.

Although being forgetful or delayed recall certain things is usually a normal process of aging, but even in young people, lapses of memory are becoming increasingly common which is labeled as having a busy life syndrome. Well, I can attest to that because I am also being forgetful sometimes.

Forgetting, or being forgetful can be caused by a hectic lifestyle or when we are constantly bombarded with information from cell phones, television, radio and internet.I was wondering how we can overcome this sickness of being forgetful? Anybody could help by sharing their tips and advice?

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