Busy in Doing God's Work

After spending my time with my mom on her 1 month holiday here in the Philippines, I was also busy in doing God's work as our church did several soul winning activities such as praise and worship, film showing and revival night. God has really showed His miraculous power to us. I just can't described how God is doing in such a powerful way in our lives specially to those youth who have never experienced God's presence and goodness.

All of the young people was revived last Saturday night when we had a revival night in singing praises to God as well as doing an altar call and healing. We thought that this event was enough. We never expected that there is something more where God showed and proved to us His great and mighty power when one of our young people member was suffering for almost a year of bondage's of sin from amulet and all those witchcraft. She was demon possessed and we thanked God that through our unity in prayers, we were able to cast out that demon out from her body. 

I will write a separate post about our personal encounter of the demon through my My Daily Notes blog. God is really good! We know this is not an easy thing to do. But thanks be to God for giving us the authority to overcome the powers of the enemy.

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