I Got the Chance to Shop for Fashion Items Online for FREE!!!

I am so happy today when I found out that I am the 1st Prize Winner of Ria’s World First Give away Contest where I have the chance to choose any of the fashion items for sale from her fashion online shop! Woot! Her fashion shop offers the latest fashionable clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes for women, men and kids. Some of her items are pre-order which are mostly from China, Hongkong and Korea.

Ive always been fascinated about Asian fashion clothing specially from Korea. I just love its trendy styles and designs. We have lots of Korean clothing store here in our place that’s why I could check out those latest new arrivals and styles. However, I can’t buy all those items that I like. Thanked God I have the chance to get those latest Korean styles for free!

Here are my top choices from Ria’s fashion store:

Bowknot Embellished Purple Bag, Fashion Strap Embraced Zipper Roman Sandals, Fashion Edging Studded White Handbag and Wedge Heel Zipper Back Sandals. I am now confused which one would I choose cause I love them all! Can you help me decide which one is the best? ^_^

Oh and by the way, if you’re also a huge fan of the latest fashionable Asian clothing and accessories , you may check out RIA’s Fashion Shop and be “IN” for trendiest and hottest styles of today!

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