Looking for a Language Translator

Since we can't afford to buy a house and lot, Mom and I decided to go for financing through housing loan from the bank. It was the bank manager from BDO who offered my mom to apply for their home loan since they knew that my mom is capable of paying it based from her work abroad. It is a plus factor for them where you can easily apply for any loans specially if you are an overseas worker.

One of the main requirements for OFW to apply for their home loan is the employment contract, the income tax return and the approval from the Philippine Consulate. My mom was already divorced so they need a divorce/separation paper as one of their requirements too. She can provide these papers but the problem is, all of these documents are written in German language since this is their main language. The bank will not accept if my mom will be the one who will translate it. They want other person who will do it. My mom finds it hard to look for that certain person who can do it since most of them doesn't speak or write English.

I even find it hard to communicate with my sister and I always ask assistance from my mom to translate it since I don't understand what my sister is saying. Language is indeed a great hindrance and barrier in communicating with other people specially if we do have our own different languages. I just hope that my mom will be able to find a language translator who can help us. We still have to ask the bank in charge if they will accept an online language translator who can thoroughly translate the documents needed for the loan.

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