My 7th and 8th Blog Coming Up!

Aside from all those blog updates and pending tasks that I need to finish with, what made me busier these days is because I am setting up another blog which will talk about parenting and motherhood. I'm still searching for some nice free templates online that could fit my blogs niche. I am still halfway to go before I could finish it. Now I am thinking of creating another one which will be my home and living blog since we recently bought a house and lot here in our place. I'm sure it will be an exciting journey for me and my family as I'm going to blog about it when we move to our new home soon. These 2 new blogs will be my 7th and 8th blog. I know its not that easy to create a new blog since it requires so much time and effort to build, construct and monetize it.

Running multiple blogs indeed takes a lot patience, devotion and a lot of persistence if you want to do it right. But if you take a look at its positive side and you want to maximize your money earning potential through blogging, one method to do so is to set up more than one blog. Multiple blogs create a larger and more diverse stream of income if you monetize them differently and smartly. More blogs means more money too specially when Margie are going to add these blogs from my blogs list to their system. ^_^

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