Sharing a USB 3G Dongle Internet Connection

One of the main reasons why I couldn't update my blogs everyday is because I can't use my laptop since my mom is also using it. I have subscribed to Smart Bro's post paid 3G plug-it USB so I can have an unlimited internet connection. It's really a big help for me and I'm glad that the 3G signal and connectivity is fast here at the beach where we always choose to stay every time my mom spends her holiday.

However, since my mom always wants to go online everyday, I can't use my laptop often that's why I find it hard to check out my blogs and update it. I also have alot of things to do offline while I am still on my vacation mode with my mom. So hubby and I tried to do something on how I can still get connected to the internet. We have thought of sharing this USB 3G plug-it from Smartbro using my new laptop (the one which my mom is currently using with) and my old laptop. 

Hubby tried to enable the internet connection sharing through network connections with the help of a UTP wire. We had successfully shared the connection but when I turned it off and tried to connect it again the following day, it failed that's why as of now my hubby is trying to figure it out what seems to be the problem on it. We also have an option in choosing to buy a Wifi Router that Supports 3G modem. I hope it would also work out so I can always stay connected to the internet specially in updating all my blogs. Haayz!

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