A Suspicious Activity here on my Blogger Account ?

I was so surprised, tensed and worried when I was trying to sign in here in my blogger account and saw a flash message informing me that about this security issues where blogger found out that there has been a suspicious activity happened on my account lately. Blogger advised me to change my password immediately so I followed the instructions where I was able to received the pin code from my mobile phone.

As I was trying to check out and do some research about this suspicious activity, I found out that aside from someone who is trying to hack my account, I found out that Blogs that are removed from Blogger are not only for spamming but for violating any Terms of Service such as Copyright Infringement, Links to Illegal Downloads, scraped content, content purely to Affiliate/PTC sites with no unique content etc.

Ive heard that there are programs that have been launched such as remote sign out and information about our recent account activity to help us understand and manage our account usage if it looks like something unusual is going on with our account. I believe it would be a helpful tool so I can found out  some details of that person who has been using my account where it was last accessed from along with the geographic region that can best associate with the action taken from that certain someone. 

I'm glad that right now I was able to signed in and get back into blogging here in our blogger account. How about you my friends? Did you also experienced any suspicious activity from someone on your blog? 

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