Who Wore it Best?

I actually made a blog post about this Who Wore it Best? photo from my Fashionably Trendy blog where me, my sister and my mom wore the same dress but with different color combination.

When I first saw this elegant looking dress from my sister’s photo in Facebook, I feel in love with its fashionable style and design. I liked it even more when I saw it worn by my fashionista mom. It’s actually her own dress. My sister just used it when she attended a night party together with her friends.

My mom is currently spending her holiday here with us and one of her plans from her holiday is to have a reunion of friends from her college batch mates. We were also invited to attend this social occasion that’s why even before she planned this event, I already told her that I don’t have a nice dress to wear for the party.

And since I know she has lots of nice and elegant evening dresses from her closet and as I also browse her photos , I told her that I would like to try wearing this black leathered stretchable tube dress since I like it a lot. I’m glad that she brought it so I was able to wear it at the party.

She also gave me a hot pink gladiator high heels and as I was trying to mix and match my dress with my accessories, I finally decided to match the color combination of hot pink and black where I wore this gorgeous black dress paired with a hot pink heels, huge belt and dangling pink earrings.

And as I was looking back those photos where my mom and my sister wore it before, I made this photo comparison to find out who wore it the best. It’s just for fun actually.Now I am asking you my friends, followers and readers of my blog, I want to know who actually wore it best or who looks better in wearing this dress? ^_^

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