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A Special Gift for My Special Mom

Our Mother is our everything. Our lives revolve around her because in everything that we need we call her. She is the one who will be awake all night when we are sick. Mothers are the ones who would forever complain that we are not eating enough or not eating right.  My “mama” is not just my mother but she’s also my best friend, my counselor, my sister and my grandmother. Since I did not grew up with my father, my mom and I are closer like best friends. I don’t know what to do without her. No words can explain how thankful I am to the Lord that He gave me a mother just like my mama. There is simply no way I can ever really thank her for all she has done for us. And since Mothers day is just around the corner, I would like to give her a very special personalized mothers day gifts that I’m sure she will appreciate it no matter what it is. I know I can’t pay her for all the sacrifices she made for us but at least this gift will make her feel that she is so special to

A Gadget to Die for!

I'm actually not a techie or a gadget person but I am craving to have these DSLR camera because I really want to take pictures using those professional quality photographs to document our family events, vacations and in every moment that is that worth capturing with. I have these desire to fully explore my creative vision of photography. Yay! I hope and I pray that I'm gonna have this gadget soon. This is indeed a Must Have gadget for a Photography enthusiast like me.   

Here's a Fun Blog Contest for Everyone

Here's an easy peasy blog contest for those who are addicted in joining contest online like me. LOL! is having its First Fun Blog Contest where we can win these prizes at stake: 1 winner of   $25.00   via Paypal 2 winners of   $10.00   via Paypal Special Thanks to its generous sponsors 1. Fitflops Sandals Review 2. Best Shoes for CNA and Nurses 3. Women's Shape-up Shoes 4. The Backpackman 5. Blogging Achieved Goals This contest will end on the 30th of April, 2011 so hurry! Join “ My first fun blog contest ” now!

Safety for Your Home and Family

Having peace of mind that your home and your family are completely safe is the ultimate benefit of installing a wireless home alarm system .  With its flexibility,  the ease of installation and state of the art features, a wireless alarm unit is ideal for the new homeowner or for someone looking to upgrade their current security system. Not only does it monitor your home for a possible break-in, but a wireless system can contact the fire department in case of fire, activate home lights remotely or even notify you if your children do not arrive at a predetermined time. You never know when a fire can occur any time and it will destroy your house and everything you have built that's why it is advisable that you must be be prepared at all times. And with a help of a wireless fire alarm system , you will be able to keep your home and family away from the disastrous effects of fire.

Who Needs a Couples Massage?

We do! We really need it this time because hubby and I are so stressed out of all the works we have from our business and also from the church ministry. We really need some time to relax to help relieve those minor aches and back pains.   A great body massage helps in improving our health as it increases our longevity. Massage is consistently the first choice among the people from all walks of life for stress relief. A couples massage is indeed a perfect way to spend some quality time with a person we really care for. A couples massage is such a perfect gift for giving your loved one an unforgettable experience especially if he or she is experiencing it for the first time. And best of all, it will also help in strengthening your relationship as it sparkle things up for that romantic day.

Chic in Black Monday: Boys over Flowers

No I’m not talking to the popular story of an extraordinary girl and four gorgeous and influential guys of F4 in a Korean version, Boys Over Flowers but I am talking literally of our photos below where me (in black) and my sister in law are the only flowers among the boys. ^_^   This photo was taken when we had a night of Jam for Jesus and Film Showing  event which was held at our church.   We all had fun together with these young people who are on fire for God and all are happy in serving the Lord.  I'm sharing my black "Kikay" outfit as entry for

Clothing Sauna to Reduce Weight?

I never heard of a clothing sauna before until a friend of mine told me about the benefits of wearing it. She told me that a clothing sauna is specially designed to reduce the weight of the body as it burns more fuel to help eliminate those toxic substances from your system. She added that when you wear Sauna Suits , you will experience a short term weight loss due to the fact that you’ve been sweating profusely and have depleted your body’s water supplies. Some people use a sauna suit in combination with a body wrap. Its heat trapping properties maximize the effects of this treatment. She's also using sauna suits in order for her to stay warm. I think its good for outdoor activities in cold weather since it holds in your body heat. I better look for a sauna suit today to try its effectiveness if it could really help in losing my weight so I could get back my body in shape. 

Busy Hunting for Easter Eggs

Yes you read it right! I was quite busy hunting for Easter eggs over at Reader’s Digest Asia where I got the chance to win 4 mystery hidden prizes. You just have to search for 4 missing eggs scattered throughout their site and then click on the egg to reveal the mystery prize. The prize is actually shown on the photo above. It's a watch, a crystal set, a book, or a Word Storm game. Aside from that, they also have lots of awesome contests and giveaways going on like the online survey where you can win jewelries, watches, game book and more! They also have this "Ready, Click, Win" Sweeps where you can win instant P40,000! Whoa! To win you just have to subscribed to their e-newsletter. I actually have an online friend who is also addicted in joining contests online who already won several prizes from Reader’s Digest that's why I am enticed to join their contests. Of course who doesn't know about this popular general interest family magazine of all and the larges

Looking More Beautiful and Attractive

Girls are fond of making themselves more beautiful. They love to have and wear the latest fashion trends, to wear the latest shoes and sandals, new hair color, and many other stuffs just to make themselves more beautiful and attractive but what struck me most is the latest colored contact lenses  because I have  lots of friends who are wearing this kind of lenses. Name any color that you knew and they will show you. What’s nice in the colored contact lenses is no operation to do unlike liposuctions, Botox, nose lift and many other things that you will undergo through operation. Colored contact lenses can make you more attractive but if there is an advantages there will be also disadvantages. Although there are different sized lenses to fit most wearers, there will be some occasions such as during blinking where the colored portion may slide somewhat over the pupil. In these instances, your vision may be slightly affected. Exchanging contact lenses also can transmit harmful bacteria,

Campus Ministry

One of the things that makes me busy offline is our church activities where we do have our outreach programs such as Campus Ministry, Children's feeding, Inter Youth fellowship and so much more. It's quite a busy world for me but I enjoyed doing it. Being one of the members of the music team, its not a responsibility but this is my way of showing my gratitude and love for Jesus Christ for all the good and wonderful things that He has done in my life. We thanked the Lord for the lives of this college students who loves to listen to His Word and willing to be used by God.  Our Youth Campus Ministry aims to help the youth to transform their lives by introducing them to Jesus, encourages them to grow in continuous experience of faith and equip them to be capable of communicating their experience to others and thus to become genuine witnesses for new evangelization. I'm linking this entry for Mellow Yellow Monday Blue Monday

A Perfect Addition to Our Home Decor

While I was looking for some wooden furniture for our bedroom and living room,I was amazed when I saw different kinds and designs of home decor. Since we are also looking for something completely luxurious for our new house and we want to keep our interior decor more modest, indoor water features are the perfect choice. We want something that will instantly catch the eye of all our guests and we just prefer a smaller fountain that will simply add to our serene atmosphere. I know that the sound of naturally flowing water is one of the most relaxing sounds. I simply cannot go wrong in any decor when I add the beautiful look and sound of those natural running water. Another thing that we consider about buying an Indoor Water Fountains is that their style is permanent. We will never have to replace them because their beauty simply never goes out of style.  And since we want to add tranquility and elegance to any room in our home, a fountain is the perfect product because it matches our

Fond of Funny Things

As a Facebook fanatic, I am fond of posting quotes and sayings on my wall. But I have noticed that every time when I posts serious quotes they will just press the like button and then that’s it but when I posts funny quotes and funny sayings they will not just click the like button but they’ll going to comment or respond like LOL, HAHA, HEHE and etc. Filipinos are very fond of talking anything funny, watching funny movies, reading funny books, and etc. also some Filipinos can easily create jokes especially the “bisaya”, I don’t know if you heard about the famous word nowadays that is “estoryahee” being popularized by the “Bisaya”. Obviously, people are fond of anything that are funny that can make them laugh or smile.

My New Blogging Buddy

Here's a recent photo of me in pink together with my sister in law who is also a certified pink lover like me. My SIL and I are both alike in so many ways. We have the same hobbies, interests, likes, and so much more. One thing that makes us differ is that she has more PR than I am. She loves entertaining other people. Maybe because of her course where she's gonna be a teacher soon. She doesn't have any summer classes so she is free this time that's why Ive been trying to help her how she can earn some money as her sideline job. She was also enticed and interested in earning money through blogging and I know she can do it. She's an English Major in Secondary Education so I guess writing several topics is like writing an essay, right?  :)  Yesterday I tried to let her write a personal post for my blog and as I read her blog post about DSLR camera and Dog Doors for Louie , I was pleased by her writing. She really got that potential in becoming a great blogger s

A Must Have Gadget for a Photography Enthusiast Like Me

I really love photography. When I open my Facebook account, I am amazed by the photos of my friends. I guess if photography is a dress, its so in this time. One of my friend in high school sent me an SMS and asked if we are vacant in weekend because she wanted to take pictures of us as couple. She is not a professional photographer but a frustrated one ...LOL! But she just wanted to try her new DSLR Camera that has been given to her by her daddy from abroad. I am so happy and so excited at that time because I really wanted to see our face using the DSLR cam. I have this feeling that once you have been captured using the DSLR Cam, you will look like a model. So we decided to set time and place for the pictorial session.  My friend wanted to take pictures of us under the heat of the sun but unfortunately, the heaven is so dark because of the bad storm but we still went to the planned place and my friend took pictures of us. The outcome? Hmmm.. I love it but my friend needs a little mo

A Happy Family Living in a New Home

Here's our recent family photo where we all wore in red  in dedicating our  new house to the Lord.  We prepared a simple dinner as a thanksgiving to God for giving us these unmerited favor and blessings.  I'm linking this entry for  Ruby Tuesday

Making The Most Being a Stay at Home Mom

It’s kind of an odd thing being a stay at home mom most of the time. There’s a lot to get done every day, and never enough time. We could drive ourselves crazy with stress, but we'd be better off  in figuring out how to make the most of being a stay at home mom. With the right perspective and some good family support,  it’s actually a lot of fun. The parts where our kids are silly and we get to see them within our reach are always fun, but some days we wish that the stress and the noise would give us a break. Being a stay at home mom right now doesn’t mean that we should neglect our career entirely. We do have a lot of options right now.  We just have to make the most of these opportunities. This is important even if you think you’ll always be a stay at home mom. None of us know what the future holds that's why we should prepare in other ways financially as well, but keeping up some sort of jobs for stay at home moms or running a home business can mean a lot in the long run.

Dedicating our House to the Lord

I was so busy offline for the past few weeks because of our spontaneous church activities. It was also our moving week where we transferred some of our things from our old house to our new home. I was busy again in packing, fixing, loading and unloading our things. Aside from that, I also keep on looking and buying for new stuffs because my mom wanted to buy new things for our new home.  Last Saturday, we dedicated our house to the Lord. For us Christians, we have these spiritual house cleansing and purification where we take authority over bad spirits that have been welcomed throughout the home's history and we leave doors open for their escape. We also did a prayer of blessing while anointing it with an oil. And as we speak blessings to our new home, we prayed to let God's angels preside and watch over as we live permanently here.  And of course,as we celebrate for this special occasion,we also had this food feast of thanksgiving to God for giving us this unmerited f

Thinking of Creating New Blogs Again

Now that my 4th blog was recently got approved by Sheriff, I am now thinking of creating new blogs again. As of now I am maintaining 8 blogs but one of them is this main blog of mine from blogspot. 4 of my blogs was already on Sheriff's system while the remaining blogs are still new ones. I wanted to create another one since one of Sheriff's blog requirement is it would be at least 3 months old and their guideline is a blogger can add one blog a month up to a total of 12 . That means I still have to create 4 new blogs, LOL! I am thinking of creating a business blog because I wanted to share my experiences as a young entrepreneur as well as how I handle my finances and how I am able to manage it. I also like to create a computer gaming blog. My hubby is an expert on this thing but he doesn't like to blog about it so I will be the one who will do the blogging and talking as if I am a high techie expert. hahaha! Another niche blog running in my mind is the health and fitness

Go Give Yourself and Your Girl Friends a Treat!

Looking for an all girl themed party for you and your girl friends? Why not host a pamper party and have their nails painted, their hair styled and their make-up applied. All you need is an area where the treatments can be carried out where you will all share the experience with and the time to get relax and be pampered. You can group your friends together and organize a reflexology or an indulgent facial massage. These kind of party are always a great fun and a lovely way to be with your friends and have a lovely relaxing treatment together. You can organize some drinks and nibbles, then sit back, relax and enjoy yourselves.  You can also make that treatment area set up in a quiet room with relaxing music and scented candles and have your friends take it in turns to have a mini treatment on a therapy of their choice. So why don't you try it now and go give yourself a treat too! 

The Grassland Ladies

This one's a funny semi-stolen photo shot of me and my sister in law while we were on our way to the river bank. We had a family day at that time and we decided to have our family bonding at the river. It was a fun filled nature tripping at the grassland with lots of green trees surrounding the place.  ^_^  

Why I Should Invest in Buying Gold Bullion?

We all know that purchasing gold bullion nowadays is not that easy especially if you are new in this kind of business. But for those who are already expert on this field, it’s easy for them since they already know their way around the business.If you are a novice in this field just like me who also wanted to enter this venture, then we should be equipped with knowledge about gold and the needed information that we might need. I know that when we go to this field, we will encounter a lot of dealers who may try to take advantage of us who are new in this kind of business. I have known some friends who ends up purchasing gold bullion a bad one that is why I really need some tips and advice so I will never get scammed after all. I have a good friend who are already an expert in this field who have shared to me some tips on how I could purchase gold bullion and what kind of gold that I should invest in.  Of course I have to make it sure that the gold that I'm going to buy is not a

My New FB Profile Pic

Here's a recent photo of me taken last Sunday after our church service. I just love the green nature as my background and of course my pink tube top. Every time I'm wearing a hot pink outfit, I usually pair it with a black color combination because it looks so bold and its color really stands out. I also used this photo as my primary profile pic in Facebook.  I'm posting this simply me in pink entry for 

A New Logo Design for our Business

Lately Ive been thinking of creating a new logo for our i-cafe business. Our logo is not that much attractive and interesting because it seems like an old design already. I can't think of a better layout and design so I think I need to request assistance from a trusted logo design service that already have an experience in creating logos. I want a good logo that is different from the competition that also provides high a visibility. Studying the competition is also important as it helps in developing a logo that sets a corporate logo design apart from competitors and the advertising that infiltrates all media. The message should come to mind when our customer sees the logo. In short, consistency is the key.Right now Ive been carefully choosing and selecting the right mix of color and designs that I want. I need to use it through various promotional tools, such as banners, brochures, business cards and other kinds of media. I do believe that once we have a successful service and