Looking More Beautiful and Attractive

Girls are fond of making themselves more beautiful. They love to have and wear the latest fashion trends, to wear the latest shoes and sandals, new hair color, and many other stuffs just to make themselves more beautiful and attractive but what struck me most is the latest colored contact lenses  because I have  lots of friends who are wearing this kind of lenses. Name any color that you knew and they will show you. What’s nice in the colored contact lenses is no operation to do unlike liposuctions, Botox, nose lift and many other things that you will undergo through operation.

Colored contact lenses can make you more attractive but if there is an advantages there will be also disadvantages. Although there are different sized lenses to fit most wearers, there will be some occasions such as during blinking where the colored portion may slide somewhat over the pupil. In these instances, your vision may be slightly affected. Exchanging contact lenses also can transmit harmful bacteria, which can lead to an eye infection or other potentially dangerous eye conditions. While color contacts can be fun, doctors warn wearers not to share their colored lenses or any contact lenses, for that matter with friends, and not to swap colors with friends. Just ask your eye doctor for your safety.

Looking more beautiful and attractive is good but we must not forget and preserve our uniqueness. And we just not forget that God created us wonderfully and fearfully made. 

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