A Must Have Gadget for a Photography Enthusiast Like Me

I really love photography. When I open my Facebook account, I am amazed by the photos of my friends. I guess if photography is a dress, its so in this time. One of my friend in high school sent me an SMS and asked if we are vacant in weekend because she wanted to take pictures of us as couple. She is not a professional photographer but a frustrated one ...LOL!

But she just wanted to try her new DSLR Camera that has been given to her by her daddy from abroad. I am so happy and so excited at that time because I really wanted to see our face using the DSLR cam. I have this feeling that once you have been captured using the DSLR Cam, you will look like a model. So we decided to set time and place for the pictorial session. 

My friend wanted to take pictures of us under the heat of the sun but unfortunately, the heaven is so dark because of the bad storm but we still went to the planned place and my friend took pictures of us. The outcome? Hmmm.. I love it but my friend needs a little more practice.

She told us about the angles of the pictures which according to her must be learned and she’d be expert. Not just the photographer who needs more practice but as well as the models... LOL. We don’t know also how to pose since it was our first time. While doing the shoot, we just laughing out loud and not comfortable with each other to pose like that.

I thought if you have DSLR camera that’s all it takes to have a good shots but I have learned that we must also consider the weather, the outfits, and even the models if that would suit the theme. I guess, first thing to do as a photographer is to think of the theme first, the venue on which the theme will suit, prepare the models and to prepare the model’s outfits. Do you think I am now qualified being a photographer? Or just being the model? ^_^

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