My New Blogging Buddy

Here's a recent photo of me in pink together with my sister in law who is also a certified pink lover like me. My SIL and I are both alike in so many ways. We have the same hobbies, interests, likes, and so much more. One thing that makes us differ is that she has more PR than I am.

She loves entertaining other people. Maybe because of her course where she's gonna be a teacher soon. She doesn't have any summer classes so she is free this time that's why Ive been trying to help her how she can earn some money as her sideline job.

She was also enticed and interested in earning money through blogging and I know she can do it. She's an English Major in Secondary Education so I guess writing several topics is like writing an essay, right?  :) 

Yesterday I tried to let her write a personal post for my blog and as I read her blog post about DSLR camera and Dog Doors for Louie, I was pleased by her writing. She really got that potential in becoming a great blogger someday. So, as of now since it will take a lot of time if she's going to start her own blog, I will let her write some personal and even paid post on my blogs as long as she knows the topic and she can relate it with and of course I'm gonna pay her for the time and effort that she made. 

My sissy in law is indeed an angel to me specially in times that I'm busy offline. Managing 8 blogs is quite tough and its time consuming. Not to mention that there are times that I'm also having a writer's block where I can't concentrate and I have no idea what to write about. Thanks to my dear sissy Mhai cause she's gonna be there for me whenever I need her help. ^_^ 

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