A New Logo Design for our Business

Lately Ive been thinking of creating a new logo for our i-cafe business. Our logo is not that much attractive and interesting because it seems like an old design already. I can't think of a better layout and design so I think I need to request assistance from a trusted logo design service that already have an experience in creating logos.

I want a good logo that is different from the competition that also provides high a visibility. Studying the competition is also important as it helps in developing a logo that sets a corporate logo design apart from competitors and the advertising that infiltrates all media. The message should come to mind when our customer sees the logo. In short, consistency is the key.Right now Ive been carefully choosing and selecting the right mix of color and designs that I want. I need to use it through various promotional tools, such as banners, brochures, business cards and other kinds of media.

I do believe that once we have a successful service and an easily identifiable logo, our image and reputation become an important component of our  business identification. Quality products and services builds trust between our customers . With trust comes a comfort level that our customers will feel.

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