Thinking of Creating New Blogs Again

Now that my 4th blog was recently got approved by Sheriff, I am now thinking of creating new blogs again. As of now I am maintaining 8 blogs but one of them is this main blog of mine from blogspot. 4 of my blogs was already on Sheriff's system while the remaining blogs are still new ones. I wanted to create another one since one of Sheriff's blog requirement is it would be at least 3 months old and their guideline is a blogger can add one blog a month up to a total of 12 . That means I still have to create 4 new blogs, LOL!

I am thinking of creating a business blog because I wanted to share my experiences as a young entrepreneur as well as how I handle my finances and how I am able to manage it. I also like to create a computer gaming blog. My hubby is an expert on this thing but he doesn't like to blog about it so I will be the one who will do the blogging and talking as if I am a high techie expert. hahaha! Another niche blog running in my mind is the health and fitness blog. Hmmm... perhaps I could share my secret on how I lose weight? :)

Well, lets just wait and see. As of now, I am busy concentrating and monetizing on my new blogs and I still have to update my other blogs .  My life has  also been so busy offline these days since we are moving to our new home.  

Thank you my dear friends for taking your time in visiting my blogs. I promise to get back and visit your blogs soon.  Love you all! 

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