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Busy Beauty

We just came from a live praise and worship concert series held at our affiliate church. I'm so dead tired right now since we are the one who did the concert performance on stage that lasts more than an hour. Although I did not do all the singing since we have some back up singers who also leads depending on the song that we want to sing. Aside from being busy on every revival concert that we have, I am also busy in handling our church finances since I am the treasurer. This coming Sunday will be our Church Anniversary and as early as tomorrow, I'm getting ready to get busy doing the marketing, budgeting, buying, spending and every thing. Whoa! Aside from that, I'm also preparing myself as the photographer and videographer at the same time since we need to record every single church activity that we have. Well that's fine with me and I am even happy in doing it because I want to please God in every thing that I do for His glory. God has been so good to me all this yea

Thursday Brownies: My Pretty Cousins

Here's another cool and awesome meme that I'm excited to join this week. Thanks Mommy Gizelle for hosting Thursday Brownies. I'm sharing this photo of mine last year together with my pretty dear cousins as bridesmaids and maid of honor of our other cousin. As you can see, their wedding color motiff is a combination of brown and pink. I realized that its actually a nice color combination right?  do you agree with me my friends?

Be Carpet Stain Free!

When you have carpets in your home, you realized that it is quite expensive to maintain in cleaning it because vacuum alone does not keep a carpet perfectly clean. You need to have an effective measures in order to keep it clean and this can be achieved by a cleaning professional such as the Carpet Calgary cleaning that offers a good service in cleaning. They do their job perfectly. They don't only vacuum it bit they put some shampoo in it since it is one of the effective methods in order to keep the carpets clean and healthier. This can be done with the help of a professional cleaner and cleaning Calgary is the best option for this.  Carpet stains are unavoidable and treating them at the early stage will keep them good because taking an immediate action will keep the stains from setting in. We need to have a regular maintenance in order to keep the carpet clean. Taking all the essential steps to keep the carpet clean will help to preserve them and last long. Calga

If the Budget Fits

Did you know that we actually don't live yet here in our new house? We are still living at our small space and old commercial and residential house.We call it a 2-in-1 house since we live here and our I-cafe business is also here. One of the reasons why we don't live at our new pink house is because we still need to buy new home furniture such as sofa or couches, closet, drawer, bed frames and mattresses, and even some appliances and entertainment systems.  My mom wants everything new so its like we are newlyweds who are just starting to buy new things for our home. And since this is a rent to own house, my mom is still paying for this every month which is payable for 10 years. So as much as we wanted to buy those home furniture that we need, we still can't buy them all because  we don't have enough funds and budget for this. We just buy things one at a time every month. Hopefully, a few months from now, we could buy all the things and fixtures that we need for our ne

Center of Attraction

I would like to congratulate Shengkay of Shengkays Randomness Journal for hosting this lively and cool orange meme. For my first entry for this week's launching, I am sharing my naughty daughter's pose while wearing her orange top. I was supposed to take pictures of the young people from our church but when she saw my flashing camera, she immediately take a pose at the center. So it turns out that she is the center of attraction. Ahhh...she always do... LOL! 

Keeping the Things of My Personal Belongings

There's just too many stuffs here at home and I noticed its becoming very crowded already. I wanted to keep them all in one place so Ive been planning to purchase a self storage because I am assured of the safety and protection of my personal items. Ive been planning to purchase a big sized storage box since I have lots of very important personal belongings that needs to be kept. I know that with self storage, I can store almost anything, from my valuable collections to my important documents, apparel, shoes and everything.

It's Time to Get LEVYtate and Win Huge CASH and PRIZES!

My dear blogger friend Sis Levy is levitating again because of too much happiness and excitement as she holds another amazing contest where we could get the chance to win HUGE Cash and Prizes!  This contest was made possible of the overwhelming support of her generous SPONSORS: Designers Depot * LEVYousa * One Day Graphics * Wahmaholic Blog Designs * Delight my Appetite * Zowanderer * Living and Wellness Pinayads * I love Darly * Food and Passion * Pepperrific Life Topics on Earth * Pensive Thoughts * Hearts content of a Mama * Abdul Hakeem The Misis Chronicles * Everything Nice * My Pink Blog * Mirage It's all about me * My Tots Exactly * My Tummy Calls * Foodies Galore * One Proud Momma * Earn Dollars Pinoy * Samut Sari * Pink Memoirs * Hands Full of Life * Gen walks * Pop Ups My Mind * Treat your Palate * Lovingly Mama * Flakes and Nuts * The Life Encounters * The Food Encounters * A Woman's World * Life is a Choic

A Certified Facebook Addict

This week question asked by BC Bloggers is:   How Much Time Do I Spend in Facebook?  Is there any other words than "TOO MUCH"? ^_^ You know I have a weird daily routine. I usually sleep late at around 3am and I wake up late at 11am. And from the time I wake up, I immediately open my laptop and start doing my online stuffs. The first site that I always check out is  my Facebook account. I checked every single notification and latest updates that I have specially from my family, friends and of course my blogging friends. And oh! I forgot to mention that I am a certified Facebook online contest addict too. Did you know that  I even spend more time in joining Facebook contests and give aways rather than writing paid opps and assignments? that's how I'm addicted to Facebook because there are times that I won cash prizes instantly! Teehee... :) So, how about you my friends? Are you also a Facebook addict like me? Share it with us only here on Check out my fellow Fac

Celebrating 15th Anniversary of the Best B2B Marketplace

As the World's Leading Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace , it is also the 15th Anniversary of EC Plaza and as their way of thanking their members for all the effort in making a better trade chances in using their services. Since it started as a B2B or business-to-business site in 1996, it  became the No.1 Trade Leader that provides online and offline service to over 1,000,000 members. As an export marketing site, they are not only operating on e-biz site,  EDI (Electronic Date Interchange) service and trade consulting but also for offline trade-related services for small and medium enterprises.  What are the benefits when you signed for ECPlaza? You will actually receive exclusive service features such as getting your own website for FREE, receive Buyer's inquiries and get lots of prospective buyers plus you can also get various services for free where you can get the latest trade leads and information on new buyers. They are also extending their business field to the glo

Bisdak Bloggers Eyeball

Last Saturday, we had our First Bisdak Bloggers Eyeball and I was so happy to see my blogger friends again and I also got the chance to meet some new bloggers.  It was my first time to meet Mommy Arlene, Mommy Marie Therese, Sis Lannel Liz, Sis Fe, Bro Arjay and the ever sexy Mommy Zoan.  Photo Blogger Philip on the right also joined our group Blogging 101 tutorial from our dearly beloved  blogging expert Mommy Rubz :)   My dear sissy bloggers... Sis Joahna and Sis Jackie Model Bloggers? LOL! I'm with Sis Fe :)  Eating Time    From L-R: Mommy Rubz, Sis Joahna, Sis Jackie, Me (at the back), Sis Bogie, Sis Fe and Mommy Arlene We doesn’t want to go home yet so we decided to go to Mommy Rubz house since we are all excited to see her famous pink bathroom.It was such a fun filled and enjoyable day for all of us.  Our next plan? we are going to have a Pajama Party soon which will be held at our Pink House. weeeeeeeh! I’m so excited for that party. I’m sure were gonna

Promote your Business Effectively

Did you know that you can promote your business efficiently through t-shirt printing? If you have the desire of using the publicity idea, you have the real possibility because of its lower cost of production. Aside from that, you will be able to make a loud presentation of your brand in the market. It is noticed by numerous customers when several people wear custom t-shirts with a brand name or logo of the company and you  will get a high pitched publicity. You can draw a plan to motivate a bunch of people in a locality to wear the particular t-shirt on a specific day to catch the attention of  the public. If you also have a retail counter and you need to increase the popularity of your shop, you can use custom t-shirts to promote your brand name by making all staff to wear the special garment. It will easily be noticed by visitors of your shop. You will make it more interesting if you announce certain special offers or discounts through communication as it reflects from the improve

Have it Remodeled Professionally

If you wanted to have your bathroom remodeled, perhaps you like a pink tile with a blue bathtub but you think you can't do it all by yourself, then hiring a professional plumber is a good choice. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to having your bathroom professionally remodeled is the end result, right? It is a known fact that most professional plumbers produce better work than most do it yourself. Therefore, if you are looking for the best bathroom on your block, it may be a good idea to hire the services of a professional plumber, like a certified Alpharetta plumbers because they can supervise all the demolition, hauling away of the debris, as well as the installation of your new tile and floors.If you want it to be done perfectly and quickly as possible, then hire their professional services and I assure you that you will not regret it.

My Mini-Me

Here's my mini me with her latest favorite pink top and sandals.  She strikes again with her "pa-cute" pose. Every time she saw a flashing camera, she makes her signature smile and pose as she tries to get everyone's attention. ^_^

A Dedicated Web Hosting for your Business

If you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur and you are looking for the best small business hosting plans, you need to make the right choice as the success of your online business depends on your web hosting plan. You need to choose the one that offers good features that is necessary for the functioning of your website. Having a dedicated web hosting is very important for your business as it provides you with the space, security and bandwidth that your business needs to thrive. If you want excellent performance and good security for your website, a dedicated server is the ideal option. If you are also looking for hosting plans for your site, a colocation server hosting is one great option to look at because it is cost effective and it offers great flexibility and control. Aside from that, these service provides you with an easy access to various facilities where you can take advantage of complete control and flexibility that is simply isn’t available with other hosting p