Bisdak Bloggers Eyeball

Last Saturday, we had our First Bisdak Bloggers Eyeball and I was so happy to see my blogger friends again and I also got the chance to meet some new bloggers. 

It was my first time to meet Mommy Arlene, Mommy Marie Therese, Sis Lannel Liz, Sis Fe, Bro Arjay and the ever sexy Mommy Zoan.

 Photo Blogger Philip on the right also joined our group

Blogging 101 tutorial from our dearly beloved  blogging expert Mommy Rubz :) 

 My dear sissy bloggers... Sis Joahna and Sis Jackie

Model Bloggers? LOL! I'm with Sis Fe :) 

Eating Time 

From L-R: Mommy Rubz, Sis Joahna, Sis Jackie, Me (at the back), Sis Bogie, Sis Fe and Mommy Arlene

We doesn’t want to go home yet so we decided to go to Mommy Rubz house since we are all excited to see her famous pink bathroom.It was such a fun filled and enjoyable day for all of us. 

Our next plan? we are going to have a Pajama Party soon which will be held at our Pink House. weeeeeeeh! I’m so excited for that party. I’m sure were gonna enjoy our bonding time together and at the same we will also learn more on how we could improve our blogging skills. Thanks once again Mommy Rubz for sharing your tips and giving your best advice for us.

Oh! and by the way, I am linking back my purple top together with Mommy Rubz, Mommy Arlene and Sis Bogie since all of us are wearing purple. ^_^

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