Busy Beauty

We just came from a live praise and worship concert series held at our affiliate church. I'm so dead tired right now since we are the one who did the concert performance on stage that lasts more than an hour. Although I did not do all the singing since we have some back up singers who also leads depending on the song that we want to sing. Aside from being busy on every revival concert that we have, I am also busy in handling our church finances since I am the treasurer.

This coming Sunday will be our Church Anniversary and as early as tomorrow, I'm getting ready to get busy doing the marketing, budgeting, buying, spending and every thing. Whoa! Aside from that, I'm also preparing myself as the photographer and videographer at the same time since we need to record every single church activity that we have.

Well that's fine with me and I am even happy in doing it because I want to please God in every thing that I do for His glory. God has been so good to me all this years and I just can't thank Him enough for what He has done in my life.

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