A Certified Facebook Addict

This week question asked by BC Bloggers is:
How Much Time Do I Spend in Facebook? 

Is there any other words than "TOO MUCH"? ^_^

You know I have a weird daily routine. I usually sleep late at around 3am and I wake up late at 11am. And from the time I wake up, I immediately open my laptop and start doing my online stuffs. The first site that I always check out is  my Facebook account. I checked every single notification and latest updates that I have specially from my family, friends and of course my blogging friends.

And oh! I forgot to mention that I am a certified Facebook online contest addict too. Did you know that  I even spend more time in joining Facebook contests and give aways rather than writing paid opps and assignments? that's how I'm addicted to Facebook because there are times that I won cash prizes instantly! Teehee... :)

So, how about you my friends? Are you also a Facebook addict like me?

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