If the Budget Fits

Did you know that we actually don't live yet here in our new house? We are still living at our small space and old commercial and residential house.We call it a 2-in-1 house since we live here and our I-cafe business is also here. One of the reasons why we don't live at our new pink house is because we still need to buy new home furniture such as sofa or couches, closet, drawer, bed frames and mattresses, and even some appliances and entertainment systems. 

My mom wants everything new so its like we are newlyweds who are just starting to buy new things for our home. And since this is a rent to own house, my mom is still paying for this every month which is payable for 10 years. So as much as we wanted to buy those home furniture that we need, we still can't buy them all because  we don't have enough funds and budget for this. We just buy things one at a time every month. Hopefully, a few months from now, we could buy all the things and fixtures that we need for our new house. 

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