Live an Italian Lifestyle with Vacation Villa House

There is no better way to fully immerse yourself in the Italian culture and lifestyle than with a private Italian villa house. You will surely be completely free to explore as you see fit, Italian villa holidays are the perfect way to explore the world famous artistic treasures of Italy's cities and stunning landscapes to discover the best of Italy.

Photos posted above is an actual photo of a Vacation Villa House for sale in Italy which was owned by my mom’s boyfriend. He wanted to sell this property so they could start to venture in business together with my mom because they wanted to stay here in the Philippines for good.

This is  a wonderful house overlooking at the sea. It’s neighbor places are VENICE and TORINO ~~ with own swimming pool, a nice and comfortable place for relaxation, with car when you want to go to the city. It’s mostly rented by families because it’s ideal for children, big place to play with children, grilling, or just having siesta with your loved ones;-)

If you’re interested please sent me a message or contact my mom Ms Juves on Facebook. Thank you!

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