One of My Family's Must Visit Destination too!

Who wouldn’t love to go to Disneyland? I guess all of us do loves to go there. It is a fun place for all ages, young and old, thick and thin, rich and poor. Disneyland is so popular because of their 100's of rides and attractions. Most kids knew it as the home place of Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Donald duck, the Incredible Family, and many other popular cartoon character.

When I was a kid I always dream of going to Disneyland Paris. I just love the place and the mascots especially the princesses and my favorite cartoon character Mickey mouse. If God’s willing that I can visit that place, the first thing that I am going to do is to look for Mickey Mouse and I will hug him so tight and oh also Minnie mouse and then take pictures of all the cartoon character mascots. 

Not only that, I would let my daughter ride on the different kinds of rides that made Disneyland so magical. When I saw Disneyland on television, it was like an ice cream that I am craving for. Wow! No words could explain how much I’d love to go in that place.It's one of my family's must visit destination too!

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