Our Photo Entry that Made us Won a Cash Prize!

A few weeks ago, I joined the "TIWALA NG INA" sa Tempra Online Photo Contest in Facebook where we get the chance to win P5,000 cash. The mechanics of the contest is quite easy. You just have to showcase the best thing a mom can give to her child. The criteria for judging is based on its creativity, caption and product exposure. 

The judging of photo entries runs for 5 weeks where 5 winners from GMA, Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao will receive a corresponding cash prize. I just knew about this contest last week before the final and grand prize judging. But I'm so glad  to know when we found out that our entry won as the Week 4 winner for Mindanao. Woohoo! Thank you Lord and Thanks so much TIWALA NG INA sa TEMPRA ^_^

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