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It's Pinay WAHMS’ $800 Birthday Giveaway! Join Now!

I am joining the BONGGANG BIRTHDAY BASH   giveaway of the three beautiful WAHM's Mommy Rubz, Mommy Kaye and Mommy Sam. They are celebrating their July Birthdays with a BANG!!!   Who wouldn’t want to win super fabulous prizes such as cash, gift certificates, domain names and free blog hosting? I know you also want to win as much as I do so why don't you hit the badge below for more details and mechanics of this awesome blog contest from  Pinay WAHMS’ Birthday Giveaway! Special THANKS to their GENEROUS CONTEST SPONSORS: Baguio Girl · Filipina Blogger · Places and Plates · Vector Dad · Pinay Mommy Blogger · Tsinay Travels Expressions and Thoughts · Delight My Appetite · Me, Myself and Jes · Fishy Talks · Oh Gosh Gulay · Mommy’s InfoDose · Advocating Breastfeeding · The Oblepias Family Blog · Gowns and Heels · Nshima Servings · transforMAYtion · Pinay Mama · The Bloggers Journal · A Network of Entertainment · ZoWanderer · LEVYousa · {cherry} everyday

Accessorize Your Hair with Hair Fascinators

The hair styling trends has a multitude of options to brighten up our look. I myself want to look chic and I love wearing accessories from the voguish headbands as well as other special and unique accessories.  If you want a tint of glam which can be best achieve with the help of a stylish hair accessory, you can try experimenting with hair clips and headbands using hair fascinator which is available in different designs, sizes and colors. You can create an overwhelming formal look or you can add a funky twist to your casual hairdo. I'm sure that with the help of hair fascinator, you can have the latest fashion hair accessory where you can just put it up in your hair and you will now look fashionably beautiful with this kind of hair accessory. 

The Chic in Black

Here's a recent photo of mine in black which was taken during my birthday two weeks ago. We went swimming on this newly built swimming pool near the famous white water rafting adventure river here in the city of Cagayan de Oro.  It was one of my super fun birthday ever! I'd also like to thank all my blogger friends who greeted me on my birthday. I really appreciate it my friends! Love you all! :) 

Why Try Sports Betting Online?

If you are passionate in any kind of sport, then you may want to try sports betting online, why? because this kind of sport is a hobby that gives income by many rookies as well as those professional bettors. It is a lucrative activity if done in partnership with a reliable and trustworthy sports book. It is also convenient since you just have to place your bets at any time of the day from any place as far as there is internet connection. You can check the best sports betting online at because it offers an easy navigation system that makes it easy going for you from one sport to another. If you still need more reasons to try it, then I encourage you to watch the movie Two for the Money and see for yourself on how you will succeed in your gambling adventures. Just keep it in mind that the quality of the sports book you choose reflects the chances your sport parlays stand, so open accounts with only the best!

All the Service and Repair We Need for our Car

We don’t have our own car but my father-in-law has a second hand multicab that we often used for our family outing. It was good at first but after a few months of continuous usage, it is also starting to show its wreck and bad condition until today. We already spent and wasted a lot of money just by repairing this car. This multicab has been our problem for several months now because even if it has already been repaired and overhauled, its still has a problem. We already learned our lesson that’s why next time, if we are going to buy a used car, since we can’t afford to buy a new one this time, we need to do a research about it. We have to make sure to ask questions and get the maintenance records for the car. And since we are not much of a car expert, it would be a good idea to ask help and advice from an expert technicians from Repairpal who are there to help us learn more about our car's information and all that we need when it's going to get serviced or repaired.

My Inspirational Blog is Here!

Hi  my dear Friends! I would like to introduce to all of you my Inspirational Christian Blog. I greatly thanked God for this blog because this domain was freely given by Mommy Nita Thomas. This domain name was actually reserved by Mommy Rubz but when she knew that I wanted to make a new Christian blog, she decided to gave this domain for me. It was indeed a  great favor from the Lord where I could make a blog about my Christian life. This blog will talk about my life’s journey on how my life was changed when I came to know Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and personal Savior. It will also show how I live my new life with Him and how God has blessed me and my whole family as well.  It’s all about my life being a Christian and how I am devoted to Him being one of the workers of the Church ministry that God has entrusted to us. I am proud to be a Christian and passionate about the Lord and  I am Forever Grateful to Him for all the things that He has done in my life.  Hope

A Camera that can Satisfy Me

If DSLR camera is a food, I am seriously craving for it. Ive been longing to own these gadget since it became popular in the market and in the world of photography. I really want the Nikon brand because it is a renown brand name in digital photography. I like the Nikon D3100 because it is compact and lightweight and it features a high resolution sensor that gives clear and visible images. Although I am not a professional photographer but this is really a must have for photography enthusiast like me. The good thing about this camera is that it features intuitive on board assistance and is equipped with the learn as you grow guide. This is really a must for first timers like me. My mom actually just purchased her Nikon camera. Too bad she did not bought one for me but its okay. Maybe I can borrow sometime when she will bring it here for her holiday or perhaps we can buy for a bargain price when there's a store sale online or here in our local camera stores. These camera has prov

Looking for the Right School and Degree Program?

I have some friends who considers in taking an online degree course program because they find it convenient and cost-effective. I agree with them since you don’t have to move to the campus and you do not have to organize for transport when you have to attend classes. With an Online Degree Programs you don’t have to come to a compromise on your education or commitments. Online degree courses give you the power to fit your education into your daily schedule. Thus you learn at your own leisure, right? I find these accelerated advanced program helpful because it enables you to complete your studies in a shorter time than is usually allocated for your advanced program. You will finish your degree in half the time required to finish the program. You will be able to earn your degree in a shorter period and lessen the time required for balancing commitments in the home with your studies. You can earn your bachelors degree if you want pursue your business management course with the help of

Showing Dad some Appreciation on Father's Day

Last Sunday, our church also celebrated Father's day in honoring and appreciating all the hard work of our fathers. Here's a photo my daughter while she gave some flower to her grandpa and her dad. She kissed them both and hugged them too. ^_^  I also did my speech as my way of thanking my husband for being such a good father to her daughter. A thank you kiss ^_^    with our fellow church members dad's together with the wives and son.  a lovely family photo with the kids :) 

Jump for JESUS!

As I answer the question "What are the things/situations that would make me feel like levitating?", it serves my official entry for Sis Levy’s contest . Well, if you're an avid follower and reader of my blog, you know how I am passionate about the Lord.Aside from being a stay-at-home mom and an entrepreneur, I am a member of our church music team where I am the Praise and Worship leader. I also share the Word of God during our weekly prayer meeting. I may be busy in updating my 12 blogs almost everyday but I always give time for Him. Aside from blogging, you know how I am addicted in joining contests and online giveaways right? I think its obvious now that I am once again joining Sis Levy's awesome blog contest. LOL! And speaking of my dear friend Levy, I remember we met in the blogosphere through Yousaytoo's Blog contest. She was one of my tough opponent. (tough talaga ang term?) hehehe... I did not win the said contest but I thanked the Lord because the admi

My First Virtual Birthday Party!

First of all I wanna thank my dearest blogger friends who greeted me on my birthday yesterday in Facebook and also in my blogs. Special thanks to Sis Jackie of God Brought Me Here for a Reason for shouted it out for everyone to know that it was my birthday.  I would also like to thank Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Online for creating the very First Bisdak Virtual Party where we could have the chance to greet our fellow Bisdak blogger on her birthday through our blog post.The birthday theme is Filipino food and a cocktail dress we have to post our outfit and the foods that we want to bring for the party. I am so happy that I am the first celebrant who got the chance to be greeted by our fellow bloggers. I was so overwhelmed on all of their blog posts and warm greetings. I also enjoyed the foods and all their sexy outfits for the party. It was such a fun party because it seems like a real one and I really enjoyed it!  Thanks once again for all your birthday greetings my friends... I re

Looking for the Best Window Shades for your Home?

If you find it hard to choose what is the best windows shades for your home, I suggest you use blinds because it is very much in demand this time. Most household would prefer using blinds rather than the conventional thick curtains because there are many benefits in using blinds and shades. One of those is the easy to clean feature of the blinds. Blinds do not need to be washed in order for it to be cleaned. You can simply wipe it with cloth to remove the dusts. Curtain blinds shades also has a very simple construction that is why it is so easy to regulate them. What I also like about window curtain blinds is that they are functional, beautiful and universal in application. These blinds are excellently combined with any interior with comfort and coziness. So if you want your house to look rich, you should pick curtains blinds  because it considerable for the interior. After all the style of the house, its spirit is created exactly by textile and accessories.

Say Bye Bye to Bad Photos and Hello to Picture Perfect Shots!

My family and I really loves to pose for picture taking but as much as we wanted to give our best shot and the nicest pose, the problem is in the camera where we usually got blurry and dark shots,wrong angles and even unhappy and not in the mood faces. We want to have a camera that’s perfect no matter what kind of angle  or pose that we want to do. When I saw Samsung 2view Camera’s Commercial Ad on TV, I was so amazed on its awesome features and specs.  Samsung has proven us again of the  advancement of technology by making a dual LCD touch-sensitive screens for an entirely fun way of taking pictures as the Samsung 2View Camera series consists of the ST700, PL170, PL120 offers the latest in Samsung’s point-and-shoot innovation which is the dual LCD screens found at the front and back side of the camera. I'm so glad when I found out today that  Samsung Philippines has an ongoing facebook contest wherein you can win a brand new Samsung 2View Camera ST700! Wow! I

The Chapel

Here's my Triangle entry for this week's Photohunt Theme. A Beautiful chapel at the beautiful and serene haven of our ever missed loved ones.

Save Money Using Discount Coupons

I know everyone of us wants to save money in everything that we buy that is why coupon clipping is one of the most utilized way of saving money. From clipping coupons out of the local newspaper to getting coupons from your favored retailer as a reward for getting a customer or each on online shops that we are inclined to search for marked down gadgets.Among the many most handy methods to economize is using discount coupons. These can save you some huge cash from your shopping for products or services that you simply need. The internet has just made it extra handy for buyers to economize through online printable coupons. f you are the avid online shopper, there are many online discount coupon codes available like Bealls Coupon that you should utilize to save up in your purchases online. One of the best factor about online coupon codes is the many benefits which you can get when it comes to saving. 

For That Unique and Special Gift

Most of us loves to celebrate special occasion especially for us girls who loves to birthday parties and one of my favorite part is during the giving of gifts. I remember back during my childhood days, when my visitor arrives I always look if they brought me gifts. The gifts will make my birthday party complete especially if the gift is so big and the wrapper is colorful. Now that daughter' birthday is fast approaching, I want to give her a unique gift and special gift. As I was looking for some creative birthday ideas online, I have found a personalized wrapping paper and I find it so cute. For sure my daughter would love to see her face on a wrapper because she loves to look at her own pictures.

Thankful for the Prizes and Freebies

I am once again thankful to the Lord for all the blessings that I received from joining contests and giveaways online. Here are some of the prizes that I received last week and a few days ago. A P5,000 prize check with freebies from TEMPRA's "Tiwala ng Ina" Online Photo Contest in Facebook. Athena Milk Samples a Fabulous beauty and make up products from Cyanide Beauty & Beauty Treasure's Summer Give away :)

Look Naturally Beautiful with Natural Skin Care Products

There are a lot of skin care products available in the market today. Some of them are very expensive and others are cheaper. Some are less effective and others are more effective. But I actually prefer using natural skin care products because they are cheap, effective and it makes ho harm to our health. Such components in natural skin care like ginseng, sea algae and herbals help our skin to look fresh, smooth and beautiful. Besides, natural vitamins and minerals nourish skin from the inside, that’s why they are so popular in natural skin care. Cosmetic becomes more and more expensive. And not everybody can visit beauty salons every week. But our skin needs care everyday right? You can  actually provide natural Skin Care Products by yourself such as cucumber, cottage-cheese, honey, egg, banana, olive oil which are the base of most natural skin care masks. You just have to provide yourself with natural skin care every day and you’ll always look young and beautiful.

Thinking About Owning a Franchise?

With the new franchise options available today, there are many investors who will be ready to actually pay you for your tried and tested business model, so that they too can run a profitable business. Even better people looking for best franchise options will pay you some percentage of their profit based on their sales. But does the concept of franchising is really a good option for you to consider? Well, I have some young entrepreneur friends who are into franchising and they are all successful in their business. It is true that offering for top franchising opportunities can be challenging but you just have to look at the benefits associated with it. Today, there are many investors who wish to do start a new business but are not very sure about from where to start with. If you wish to start franchise for your business, people pay will be ready to pay you for your proven business model.What you will need is a good concept, good management, and the right amount of capital in order to

Who Wants to Win a $100 Cash?

I'm sure you do too!  Thanks to Nelson of Digital Catharsis who is celebrating his birthday and as a treat to all his followers and visitors,  he is launching his Birthday give away where $100 will be given away as a cash prize! Joining the contest is so easy. One of the mechanics is to post this contest if you have multiple blogs. Well, I do have more than 10 blogs and this is one of my blogs…LOL! The contest will close on June 28, 2011 so hurry! Join Digital Catharsis Birthday Give away now!

My 10th Blog is Up!

Hi Friends!  I would like to introduce my new baby on the blogosphere From Flab to Fab which is a diet and weight loss blog. If you are struggling to lose weight and you need some advice on how you can get back your body in shape, then you came to the right place. It just came out as an idea of mine of creating this new blog since I have received  a lot of comments and inquiries from my readers and followers of my other blogs and they are interested to know my secret on how I lose my weight.  This 10th blog of mine will provide some cutting edge of helpful  information about dieting and weight loss, health and wellness, motivation, and success. It will include details about diet, recipes, weight loss tips, helpful information and more! It will also feature about  fat burning,  fitness tips, tricks, and some weight loss methods, exercises, diet plans, pills and health fitness tips in order to get a healthy life style. It will also  include my random musings on h

Travel Bags & Memory Foam Cushion for your Comfort Travel

You would not like to carry your bag used at work to a travel or enjoy your vacation right? Therefore you really need traveling bags because these are good options for you in order to carry those heavy loads of things during your travel. Good thing there are practical and versatile bags like the ELD Travel bags which are well-structured bags that caters the demands of a traveler. They have different kinds of travel luggage bags that includes hardside luggage, softside luggage and vintage luggage for trendy women and Fashionistas like me. These are one of the amazing traveling products and accessories that ELD living goods is offering to its valuable customers. They specializes and develop products that are suited to various types of travels. They have launched sophisticated and personalized goods based on their accumulated technology and they have acquired the quality management certification which is the first in the travel bag business.  They have also develop and support n

My Little Chic in Black

Here's a lady-like pose of my little princess in black when she was caught by surprise on camera. Please don't mind the messy background because its always been like this everytime she plays around our room. ^_^

A Blogger's Rant About Blogger

Okay I am officially mad and angry about Blogger right now. Why? because its been more than a week  where I can't see my dashboard. When I tried to log in after entering my username and password. It loads very slowly and then this error will show up:  I don't know what this 502 server error is all about. I already asked helped from my fellow bloggers and I even made a thorough research on the internet and did all the possible reasons why I am getting this error like trying to use different browsers, deleting cache and cookies, using another ISP and even tried to restart my pc and router but still I am getting the same error.  I already contacted Blogger's Help Center but there's no response from them yet. I really felt so sad because I can't do my blog hopping and I can't see all of my friends new blog updates. Sim Bambie of Life and Then Some is also having the same problem. Both of us felt so frustrated right now because we can't  find answers a

I Finally Got My Check Prize!

Thanked God after more than a month of waiting for our cash prize from TEMPRA's Online Photo Contest, our P5,000 Check Prize finally arrived last Friday. I made a blog post about our winning photo entry on my Mommy Blog. You can check out Our Photo Entry that made us won a cash prize post for more detailed information.   Thanks once again TEMPRA for choosing our entry. ^_^

Say Goodbye to Unattractive Clothing to Work

We all know that wearing medical scrubs will always benefit those who work at the hospital specially for medical professionals as it provides comfort to accomplish their tasks and perform their duties effectively. Did you know that hospital uniform scrubs are also used to level medial staff based on the colors of their departments?  Most hospitals today assigned color coding for medical staffs who are working in their department. That is why medical scrubs comes in different colors, style and design. Nurses and other medical staff now have the freedom to choose the best scrub that would best suits to their personality. If you are one of those medical staff, you can view different kinds of medical scrubs for sale through online shopping. You can now select by size, color, and style in one click. Online store specially from offers what you need in scrubs because you won’t be limited to certain style and

E-Card Greetings for our Loved Ones

We all love to celebrate different kinds of occasion. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Father & Mother’s Day etc. but among these occasions for me the most special event that needs to be celebrated is the gift of life or the birthday. What I usually do when my birthday comes is that before I woke up, I find time to pray and thank God for the extension of my life.  But when it comes to my long distance family and friends birthday, greeting them on their Facebook wall seems to be like an ordinary occasion because anyone from your friends list will surely greet them on their birthday but when I will send them a special Birthday Cards online , for sure they will feel that they are so special because  I made an effort to greet them virtually. I do believe that with the help of  e-cards, we can send our warmest greetings and best wishes to our loved ones anywhere in the world.

A Beauty Product Line for Natural Cosmetics

Most women nowadays are going natural to avoid certain ingredients that are harmful for the skin. I myself is a fan and an avid user of Nature of the natural beauty cosmetic products because I do believe that these products help in achieving a younger looking skin. It's natural beauty remedies are not only inexpensive but also consist of herbal ingredients that are completely safe for daily use. I'm glad that IFManet Company which is a cosmetic retailer that specializes in BB Cream and Snail Cream founded in 2007 has been sharing the natural beauty to the beautiful women of today's world through their famous brand name Skin Shop which is a product line that have passed the quality approval under Korea Food & Drug Administration  for Skin Whitening, Wrinkle Prevention and UV Rays Protection. Some of their famous product line up includes BB cream, Snail Cream, Hand Cream, Cleansing Foam, Facial Mask Pack Series and a new natural beauty products will be launch this co

I Can't See My Dashboard!

Grrr! I'm getting angry with blogger right now... although I was able to make a new post because I can check and edit my posts using the new post tab but the main problem is I can't see my dashboard. And without my dashboard, I couldn't see all of my friends latest blog posts and updates. I really felt so behind this time. I don't why I'm still having this problem until today. It's been almost a week already.   I did not get any response yet from Bloggers Customer service. Even Sis Bambie is experiencing the same way. I don't know if some other blogger friends of mine are also experiencing it. Anybody could help me out regarding this server 502 error? You're help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Problem Here in Blogger

I was so busy offline for almost 5 days and now that I am back online here in the blogosphere, I am having a huge problem on how I could sign in. When I tried to log in after entering my username and password. It loads very slowly and then this error will show up:  I don't know what this 502 server error is all about. I already asked helped from my fellow bloggers and I even made a thorough research on the internet and did all the possible reasons why I am getting this error like trying to use different browsers, deleting cache and cookies, using another ISP and even tried to restart my pc and router but still I am getting the same error.  Good thing I was able to make a new post right now because I noticed when I was trying to access this main blog of mine, I can check and edit my posts. I just tried to make a new post since I saw a new post tab. I just hope that I could publish it successfully. I am worried that I can't see all of my friends new blog updates. I can't d