A Blogger's Rant About Blogger

Okay I am officially mad and angry about Blogger right now. Why? because its been more than a week  where I can't see my dashboard. When I tried to log in after entering my username and password. It loads very slowly and then this error will show up: 

I don't know what this 502 server error is all about. I already asked helped from my fellow bloggers and I even made a thorough research on the internet and did all the possible reasons why I am getting this error like trying to use different browsers, deleting cache and cookies, using another ISP and even tried to restart my pc and router but still I am getting the same error. 

I already contacted Blogger's Help Center but there's no response from them yet. I really felt so sad because I can't do my blog hopping and I can't see all of my friends new blog updates. Sim Bambie of Life and Then Some is also having the same problem. Both of us felt so frustrated right now because we can't  find answers and solution to our problem. I hope someone out there could help us and I hope Blogger will take an immediate action regarding this matter.

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