A Camera that can Satisfy Me

If DSLR camera is a food, I am seriously craving for it. Ive been longing to own these gadget since it became popular in the market and in the world of photography. I really want the Nikon brand because it is a renown brand name in digital photography.

I like the Nikon D3100 because it is compact and lightweight and it features a high resolution sensor that gives clear and visible images. Although I am not a professional photographer but this is really a must have for photography enthusiast like me. The good thing about this camera is that it features intuitive on board assistance and is equipped with the learn as you grow guide. This is really a must for first timers like me.

My mom actually just purchased her Nikon camera. Too bad she did not bought one for me but its okay. Maybe I can borrow sometime when she will bring it here for her holiday or perhaps we can buy for a bargain price when there's a store sale online or here in our local camera stores. These camera has proven  to be versatile enough to satisfy everyone and I know it can satisfy me too!

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