Jump for JESUS!

As I answer the question "What are the things/situations that would make me feel like levitating?", it serves my official entry for Sis Levy’s contest.

Well, if you're an avid follower and reader of my blog, you know how I am passionate about the Lord.Aside from being a stay-at-home mom and an entrepreneur, I am a member of our church music team where I am the Praise and Worship leader. I also share the Word of God during our weekly prayer meeting. I may be busy in updating my 12 blogs almost everyday but I always give time for Him.

Aside from blogging, you know how I am addicted in joining contests and online giveaways right? I think its obvious now that I am once again joining Sis Levy's awesome blog contest. LOL! And speaking of my dear friend Levy, I remember we met in the blogosphere through Yousaytoo's Blog contest. She was one of my tough opponent. (tough talaga ang term?) hehehe... I did not win the said contest but I thanked the Lord because the admin of the site donated $500 for our church. It was my heart's desire to help our church so we could buy some additional musical instruments. 

I also joined a contest in Facebook from Microsoft and Acer where I won a digital camera. I also donated it for our church so we could use it for our church activities specially for our outreach programs like feeding, concert crusades and our campus ministry as well.

We were also highly favored by God because we already have our church blog which was generously given by Mommy Rubz and I also have my own instant PR2 Christian blog which was heartily given by Mommy Nita Thomas. Isn't that amazing? 

My sister-in-law and I

This year is truly the Year of the Lord's favor for me and my family. Aside from winning instant cash prizes online and lots of paid opportunities came in since my blog was accepted by Sheriff, the Lord opened up the windows of heaven and pour out His blessings upon us when He gave us our dream house. Now we have a house where we can finally call it our own.  Isn't that worth levitating with?

Me and some young people of our church

No words could ever express how I thanked God for all the goodness that He has done in our lives. As I walk and live my life for Him, He also showed me great and mighty things that I could ever imagine. He is very true to His words where He said that we just have to delight ourselves to Him and He will surely give us the desires of our heart. ^_^

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