Problem Here in Blogger

I was so busy offline for almost 5 days and now that I am back online here in the blogosphere, I am having a huge problem on how I could sign in. When I tried to log in after entering my username and password. It loads very slowly and then this error will show up: 

I don't know what this 502 server error is all about. I already asked helped from my fellow bloggers and I even made a thorough research on the internet and did all the possible reasons why I am getting this error like trying to use different browsers, deleting cache and cookies, using another ISP and even tried to restart my pc and router but still I am getting the same error. 

Good thing I was able to make a new post right now because I noticed when I was trying to access this main blog of mine, I can check and edit my posts. I just tried to make a new post since I saw a new post tab. I just hope that I could publish it successfully.

I am worried that I can't see all of my friends new blog updates. I can't do my blog hopping right now because I can't see my dashboard...waaaaah! Thanks by the way to Ate Vernz who advised me to send email and complain to Blogger's Customer Support. I hope that they could fix this problem as soon as possible.

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