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Pink Bloggers Party for July Birthday Celebrants

We had a pink party celebration for July Birthday Celebrants of my fellow dear bloggers which was held at our pink house last Tuesday. Each one of us brought some foods and share it with each other. Although we are  a bit sad since some of our blogger friends wasn't able to attend the party but nevertheless, we still enjoyed the night together with Mommy Rubz and Ate Grace hubby and daughter Dale. From L-R (Me in pink, Mommy Arlene, Mommy Rubz, Ate Grace)

Join "I Like QWERTY" Thank You Giveaway!

My Super Mommy friend here in the blogosphere Sis Ellen is having a Thank You Giveaway for all her avid readers and followers of her blog. She is the proud owner of these awesome blogs:  Mommy’s Infodose ,  Food Fashion, and Beauty Blog ,  Music, Movies, Stars ,  A Bloggerette’s Online Adventure ,  Day Dreaming Mommy ,  Shoppinay ,  Mommy Survival Guide . She will be giving away these cool a brand new Alcatel One Touch 355D to one lucky follower of  her blogs. This giveaway will end on  September 7, 2011,11:59PM (GMT+8). Winners will be chosen via a manual raffle draw .The name of the winner of the QWERTY PHONE and winners of the other surprise prizes will be announced on September 9, 2011. So what are you waiting for? Join Sis Ellen’s  I like Qwerty Giveaway Now!

Why One Should Invest in Buying Gold Coins?

Did you know that buying gold coins is one of the best and safest ways to invest in gold? Its content is actually more expensive compared to bars because it is quite expensive to manufacture.The reason for this is most gold coins are struck with a date on it. Meaning the older the coin, the more numismatic value it will build. It is also a known fact that gold coins are known to preserve wealth. It will retain and usually build more value over time. As gold price increases, gold coins are definitely one of the easiest assets to sell. Most investors that invest in gold are likely to buy coins because of its ability to accumulate its value over time.  Investing in gold coins has its own benefits. Some of the benefits are hard to find in other investments and this is what makes gold coins one of the best investments out there.

Travel and Vacation Statistics

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When You're Looking for the Right Web Hosting Service

It is essential for any website to be live with the help of web hosting services. It may be for personal or business use, there are so many companies in the web market today that provides web hosting services. However, one of the difficult task we may face as a website owner is that we find it hard to select the best service and a best hosting company. We need to know the factors on which one can make out what are right for them. If you have been looking for a suitable web hosting that would match your criteria where they have all the things that matter, all you need is a little past customer input by reading its true and unbiased view on the web host of your choice.When you compare web hosting there are many more things to check out before you sign up with a web host service. With information and research of the resources available online you can compare web hosting companies, services and options. You just have to keep it in mind when you're looking for a web hosting service

World of Warcraft

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Back from Vacation Mode

I am finally back from my 1 week vacation . Whoa! I haven't updated all my blogs for a week. I've been so busy during my sister and her friend's holiday here in the Philippines. I am their tour guide so I need to be with them wherever they want to go. They love to go shopping, eating, go adventure tripping and going to the beach. We spent the whole day for that activities so I ended up dead tired when I arrived home.  It was worth the time though cause it made our bonding even more closer specially with my sister. We seldom see each other and her holiday helped us in bridging the distance between us. I am also glad that her friend liked our country too. She said that she will go back here in the Philippines. We all had fun during their holiday. It was such a nice family and friends bonding moments that I will always cherished with. 

8 Safety Precautions To Take When Online Dating

When you are dating online you have to take some precautions. Don't let this scare you away from online dating because you have to be safe no matter how you date. Dating online just has some necessary safety precautions that are a little different. Here are 8 safety precautions to take when online dating. Use An Untraceable Email Address This may sound kind of cloak-and-dagger but you're just being careful. You want to be able to correspond with potential mates in a way that they won't learn anything about you that will let them find you in the real world until you are ready. A tasteful email address with a name that has little to nothing to do with who you really are is a sensible precaution. Keep Your Profile Clean You don't want anyone to get the wrong impression so keep your profile including your username, your pictures, and everything else clean. You won't attract the good ones by making up an oversexed profile. If you do have this kind of profile t

Jollibee Treat with my Family

Here's a recent photo of us Girls together with my younger sister and her friend who is having a holiday here in the Philippines right now. My sister in law and my daughter is also with me. I'm happy to know that they really enjoyed their holiday here with us. Such a nice family bonding isn't it? ^_^ 

Busy of My Sister's Holiday

It's been awhile that I haven't updated all my blogs because I got busy of my younger sister's holiday. She and her friend arrived last Saturday and since they will spend their holiday here in the Philippines for 1 week, I have to take my time to be with them. I am their tour guide since this is my sister's first time to travel alone without my mom and this is also her friend's first time to visit the Philippines. They just love to go swimming at the beach, do some shopping and dine outside. I am also planning to take them to our local tourist spots here in our city. I'm glad that so far so good they are enjoying our country. So please bear with my guys I will be back online after my sister and her friend's holiday. Thanks for taking your time in visiting my blogs. Ciao for Now!

Pink Party Theme & Favors

This coming Saturday is gonna be a big day for my little daughter because she will celebrate her 4th birthday. It's actually a late birthday party since we are waiting for her special guests to arrive on Saturday. We are all excited for her birthday. It's just quite weird that my daughter doesn't have any kiddo guests since most of her friends here are ladies and gents.  I am actually planning to have a Barbie Theme birthday party for her since most of her party favors, decors and even her cake is Barbie themed. However, I'm still choosing another option which is the pink party theme since I can also buy inexpensive pink items that will match the theme for the A party with a pink theme should send guests home with pink party favors. A few inexpensive pink items that match the theme of the party will make each kid feel she is appreciated. I still have one more day to go for her birthday so tomorrow I'm going to buy some jewelries and accessories like a pink crown,

Happy Birthday To Our Dear Princess

  Today 12th of July is the birthday of our one and only Princess, Sydelle Clea Alysha. She is now 4 years old. Her birthday celebration was actually postponed today because we are waiting for her special guests to arrive on Saturday. It's her aunt with her friend who came all the way from Switzerland just to join her special birthday. It's gonna be an awesome celebration and I'm sure my daughter will surely enjoy her special day.  Happy Birthday Our Dear Princess!  You are our Angel which God sent to us You are part of our heart We love you baby...

Another Prizes Received from Contests and Giveaways

I am so thankful once again for all those prizes I received out from joining contests and giveaways online. You know how I am addicted in it LOL! One of the recent prize I won is from Sir Nelson of Digital Catharsis blog commenting contest where I am the winner of the $100 cash prize. I am so thankful for this winnings because we can buy more foods and other stuffs for my daughter's birthday celebration this coming Saturday. ^_^  My fabulous Kikay fashion accessories won from Melai's Style and Soul Blogversary    Lots of Beauty and Make up products won from Cyanide Treasure's Blogversary Giveaway A yummy Ferrero Chocolates won  from Ate Grace of Here,There & Everywhere's Giveaway Contest Well, what can I say? I am very much thankful for this blessings! Thank you Lord! You are amazing! :) 

Use Promotional Products to Help Promote Your Business

Endorsing a brand through advertising really helps in promoting our business and it is a great way to connect with our customers. I am actually looking for some promotional items online and I'm glad that my friend referred me to where they sell a wide variety of promotional products such as pens, t shirts, apparel, bags, mugs, key chains and so much more. I want to give out something to our new and repeated customers of our internet shop. I know that giving out promotional items as freebies for our customers helps in increasing our brand visibility. I am planning to order promotional pens for our promotional giveaways in celebrating our business 5th year anniversary. I'm sure our customers will be delighted to receive this freebies from us. This is a great way to build a customer loyalty specially to our repeated customers. It will also encourage more and more customers to visit our shop. Along with our special discounts that we currently offer, giving away cust

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011

This is actually my first time to join this writing project that aims to seek and identify new and emerging blogs that influences their readers. Thanks to Ms. Janette Toral for creating this project because it helps bloggers like me who are also aiming to influence my readers in so many ways. I started blogging 2 years ago and this is my very first blog that I created where it serves as my diary of my life experiences as well as my journey on how I discovered the world of blogging. I gained alot of blogger friends and I also learn alot from their blogs by sharing their thoughts, ideas, experiences, their rants and raves and even those funny and interesting moments that they share for their readers that's why consider these blogs listed below as my  Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project .  1.   Mom Writes   – Mommy Rubz who is the supermommy blogger behind this blog is one of my blogger idol in the blogosphere. She owns several influential blogs and one of them

So Excited for my Sister's Holiday!

These two sexy ladies in white will be spending their holiday here in the Philippines this coming July 15. Woot! I can’t wait to see them because I will be their tour guide teehee! That’s my younger sister Xyza Mae (on the right) together with her friend Laura. My sister already visited the Philippines a year ago together with my mom. But this time she will travel along with her friend who  will visit our country for the first time. But I think were gonna be having a language barrier here since they don’t speak English. My sister can speak and understand but not at all. They both speak Swiss-German language. Well, I think a little yes or no or a simple gesture or facial expression perhaps could help. LOL! Well let's just see but I think were all gonna be enjoying ourselves while they are here. They will attend on my daughter's birthday and I will also take them to our local tourist attractions, the beaches, go shopping etc etc …I’m sure its gonna be fun! ^_^

A Posh Baby Giveaway for our Little Princess

I have finally decided to have a Princess Birthday party for my daughter's 4th birthday this coming July 12. My daughter really loves to look like a princess and I know this birthday theme is perfect for a royal cutie like her. Aside from preparing lots of stuffs for her birthday, I would like her to look fabulously beautiful specially if she wears this adorable Tutu dress and accessories. I'm glad that Posh Baby Philippines is having a giveaway for Mommy bloggers where we mommies will get the chance to win our chosen Posh item from their products. My daughter deserves this ♥ Be my Valentine Tutu Shirt/Dress ♥ in pink color because I know it would look great on her. She's gonna be the "Apple of the Eye" on her birthday. I'm pretty sure she gonna love it cause she always admire looking at those Princess characters on her favorite Disney princesses on cartoons. It will surely be a dream come true for her as she wears her own fairy princess tutu. So, if you

Need a New Fashionable Eyeglasses

This is my one and only pink eyeglasses that Ive been wearing for almost 7 years. As you can see it already shows some signs of aging (LOL) I mean the wear and tear where the color of the frame has been removed already. My hubby accidentally stepped on it but thanked God the glass was still okay that's why I still able to wear it. But I really need to buy a new pair since my optometrist told me that I do have a high eye grade and since I'm also wearing prescription contact lenses, I also need an eyeglasses with the same eye grade. As of now I'm looking for some fashionable eyeglasses that would fit my eye and my personality as well. I love pink so I still choose those pink framed eyeglasses. I love wearing eyeglasses like these both for medical purpose with a bit of trend for fashion and style.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for My Daughter's Birthday

A week from now we will be celebrating my daughter's 4th birthday and as early as now I am already planning to have a birthday party for our one and only daughter. I wanted it to be extra special because she has a very special guest who came all the way from Switzerland just to join her birthday celebration. Her birthday was supposed to be on July 12 but my sister together with her friend will arrive on July 16 so we will just wait for them. Now for her birthday party, I am still confused whether we will go for a party at home or to a different unique location. My sister loves to go the beach so if we choose to go there, I think we are going to have a Hawaiian Luau Party but I still need some party plan and ideas including luau party supplies and decorating ideas and unique party games. My other option is to have a party at home where we are going to have a Princess Birthday party. My daughter loves to look like a princess and I know this birthday theme is perfect for a royal cu

Thankful for the Cash Prizes I Won from Online Contest

Aside from managing several blogs, one of the things that makes me busy online is I am very much addicted in joining blog contests, giveaways, freebies etc. There are times that I prefer to join contests online rather than blogging..hehehe! but hey, its all worthy. Although I don’t win all the time but I feel very grateful and thankful to God because sometimes I won BIG time! ^_^ Here are some of my winnings out from joining blog contests and photo contest where I won cash prizes.  my P5,000 prize from winning Batang Yagit’s Blog contest   my P5,000 check prize from TEMPRA’s “Tiwala ng Ina” Photo Contest My recent $100 cash prize won  from Digital Catharsis Blog contest I really felt lucky in winning cash prizes from online contests and I thanked God for everything. He is amazing! Thank you Lord!