Back from Vacation Mode

I am finally back from my 1 week vacation . Whoa! I haven't updated all my blogs for a week. I've been so busy during my sister and her friend's holiday here in the Philippines. I am their tour guide so I need to be with them wherever they want to go. They love to go shopping, eating, go adventure tripping and going to the beach. We spent the whole day for that activities so I ended up dead tired when I arrived home. 

It was worth the time though cause it made our bonding even more closer specially with my sister. We seldom see each other and her holiday helped us in bridging the distance between us. I am also glad that her friend liked our country too. She said that she will go back here in the Philippines. We all had fun during their holiday. It was such a nice family and friends bonding moments that I will always cherished with. 

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