Need a New Fashionable Eyeglasses

This is my one and only pink eyeglasses that Ive been wearing for almost 7 years. As you can see it already shows some signs of aging (LOL) I mean the wear and tear where the color of the frame has been removed already. My hubby accidentally stepped on it but thanked God the glass was still okay that's why I still able to wear it.

But I really need to buy a new pair since my optometrist told me that I do have a high eye grade and since I'm also wearing prescription contact lenses, I also need an eyeglasses with the same eye grade. As of now I'm looking for some fashionable eyeglasses that would fit my eye and my personality as well. I love pink so I still choose those pink framed eyeglasses. I love wearing eyeglasses like these both for medical purpose with a bit of trend for fashion and style.

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