Pink Party Theme & Favors

This coming Saturday is gonna be a big day for my little daughter because she will celebrate her 4th birthday. It's actually a late birthday party since we are waiting for her special guests to arrive on Saturday. We are all excited for her birthday. It's just quite weird that my daughter doesn't have any kiddo guests since most of her friends here are ladies and gents. 

I am actually planning to have a Barbie Theme birthday party for her since most of her party favors, decors and even her cake is Barbie themed. However, I'm still choosing another option which is the pink party theme since I can also buy inexpensive pink items that will match the theme for the A party with a pink theme should send guests home with pink party favors. A few inexpensive pink items that match the theme of the party will make each kid feel she is appreciated.

I still have one more day to go for her birthday so tomorrow I'm going to buy some jewelries and accessories like a pink crown, tiara and wand set. A pink beaded costume jewelry or pink beads is also a great choice for her party favors too.I'm also planning to buy some pink versions of classic kids favor toys like bouncing balls, sunglasses, stickers and more. I just find it cute imagining us her old guests wearing these super cutie pink party favors.

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