So Excited for my Sister's Holiday!

These two sexy ladies in white will be spending their holiday here in the Philippines this coming July 15. Woot! I can’t wait to see them because I will be their tour guide teehee! That’s my younger sister Xyza Mae (on the right) together with her friend Laura.

My sister already visited the Philippines a year ago together with my mom. But this time she will travel along with her friend who  will visit our country for the first time. But I think were gonna be having a language barrier here since they don’t speak English. My sister can speak and understand but not at all. They both speak Swiss-German language. Well, I think a little yes or no or a simple gesture or facial expression perhaps could help. LOL!

Well let's just see but I think were all gonna be enjoying ourselves while they are here. They will attend on my daughter's birthday and I will also take them to our local tourist attractions, the beaches, go shopping etc etc …I’m sure its gonna be fun! ^_^

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