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Pasko sa Agosto: My $50 Cash Giveaway

(Note: This is a sticky post, please scroll down for my latest blog post ) The spirit of Christmas is here this month of August as I will be giving away $50 Paypal cash to my one lucky follower! This is my way of thanking you my dear followers and readers of my blog. I'm glad to be part of the blog caravan giveaway for "Pasko sa Agosto" where we will be giving lots of goodies, stuffs and cash prizes. To join my giveaway, just follow this simple mechanics: 1. Like My Life and My Journey Online Facebook Fan Page. 2. Like Kayce’s Online Diary page. 3. Like Fashionably Trendy page. 4. Like Trips and Travels page. 5. Like Our Home Sweet Home page. For additional entries: *Visit and Follow My New Blogs listed below via Google Friend Connect  (located on my blogs sidebar) 1. Techie Kayce 2. My Shopping Bag 3. Our Music Life 4. Trips and Travels 5. From Flab to Fab *Follow Me on Twitter online gambling To submit your

Be a Big Time Winner

Did you know that you can get some benefits when you join an online casino? Well, you will find it a lot easier to take the decision to leave the land based casino behind and start playing your favorite games online because of the fact that you are able to save a lot of money. You will no longer have to leave your house because you can play right in front of your computer at the convenience of your own home. There are variety of games available online such as poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, craps and video poker. They also offer huge bonuses to their players especially to their loyal patrons or new subscribers. still the best reason for playing online casino is the enjoyment and thrill each player will surely have regardless of the game you choose. So, if you're looking for online slots games then make sure you visit online casino games and choose from a wide range of games to play either free or for money. Visit the site now for instant play and be a big time winner today!

Appreciating One's Friendship

"Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life." I just love this quote about friendship. This simply means that a friend is someone who is there who will give comfort, joy and laughter in our lives. A sweet friend is always caring and shows love and support to us specially when we need help from them. We have to appreciate every little thing that they did for us and we have to pay tribute to that wonderful person by simply sending them some friendship quotes through cards, gifts and crafts. This is one of the great ways to express our gratitude and thanks as these quotes will simply make them feel happy. It  really feels great when we are appreciated, right? 

Why I Consider Diet Meal Replacements

If you're like me who finds losing weight quite difficult since I love to eat a lot and it really prevents me from losing weight, I have found a new solution where I consider using meal replacements. I have some friends who already tried it and they all attest to its effectiveness in helping them to lose weight in providing a controlled amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat in a prefixed portion. It has helped them reduce in eating their favorite tempting foods that resulted in overeating. This kind of diet meals is such a helpful alternative instead of eating an entire meal or snack because it can help you reduce your calorie and fat intake and your blood sugar levels as well. I have seen some meal replacements available today in protein shakes, nutrition bars, pasta, macaroni, vegetable stew and even lasagna.  Wow! I can't wait to try one of these diet meals because it can also be used to supplement a well-balanced diet as well.I just love the fact that they

For the Safety & Security of our Business

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaway Week 12 . This week’s prize is $10 paypal cash credit from Sir Rob of Be a LifeSaver of Goodness . I blogged about buying a CCTV camera a few months ago for internet shop because it has been burglarized several times by some unknown thieves here in our place. Even before we transferred here, there were already things which had been stolen from us specially on our pc accessories like headset, speaker and mouse. We can't trace up who stole it that's why we really need to have a CCTV camera to keep track of the entry and exit of people and to monitor the movements of our customers. We went to our computer supplier and they recommend as using a webcam instead of CCTV. We looked for CCTV cameras and its very expensive. Good thing they informed us and we learned that we can actually use the webcam in recording videos and capturing images to our customers. The cost of CCTV cameras costs a whooping $300. While webcam only

Photo Shoot with Pay

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 11 . This week’s prize is $10 Cash via Paypal from Gagay of Walking News Paper . I've got a good NEWS to my friend who loves to play skateboard because I have met a professional photographer who are willing to pay him $10 for 2 hour a photo shoot. Wow! Isn't that a good news? If I only knew how to skate then I would be the one who will do the photo shoot. LOL!  It has been my desire to have a photo shoot with a professional photographer. I've been asking for some information about it and my friend told me that I can bring my own clothes and accessories. There are also some photographers who will do a portrait or portfolio shot for a model where they already have a set of team that includes the wardrobe design, make up artist, hair stylist, lights man and more.  It would be an exciting challenge for me if ever I get the chance to photo shoot with them. I am excited for that and I think its about time that

One Tough Computer Virus

Oh Geez! It's been several days where hubby and I are battling on these one tough virus on my laptop. The virus occurred when I transferred some photos from my digital camera's memory card to my laptop. I saved all the photos on drive D where I used to save all my files there. When I was trying to open the photos to resize, I cannot open it anymore. Hubby tried almost all kinds of anti-virus but it didn't work out. We can't just simply reformat it because we don't have a back up files on all our saved photos. Now I really need to have a removable hard disk so we can save our important files. But we are not sure if we were be able to transfer all the files since the problem is from the photos itself. I haven't uploaded the photos yet in Facebook that's why  I find it hard to delete it since we don't have any other back up files in it.  I just hope things will work out fine.  It's really a one tough problem for me. I need all those photos for my blog

Our Pink Sala Set

We recently bought this new Sala set for our living room. It costs P13,500 pesos that’s around $ 315.00 in dollars. Ive been looking for a pink sala set because I want to match the color of our pink wall in our pink house. Good thing I was able to find it at Dewfoam. If you’re not familiar with this company, it is actually popular here in Visayas and Mindanao for their foam mattresses and pillows and now they had further expanded in making spring beds and  home furniture. I really like our pink sala set. Its soft and so comfy to sit with and it is indeed a perfect match for our pink house.

Showcasing the Newest Electronic Products Only at the Korea Electronics Show

Today’s technology in consumer electronics has actually became a necessity for us since we are living in a fast-paced world of high technology. All of us wants to own a gadget since we need it for our work or just for pleasure. Did you know that the rising demand for semiconductors, liquid crystal display screens and personal computers has resulted in a boom for Korean exports of these products? The increase has pushed the electronics sector to the forefront of Korean exports where their innovative ideas will capture the taste of global buyers,thus making the Korean big business as the leading global market through its cutting-edge technology. And because of Korea's rapid increase in the production of electronic products, they had started their first fair way back in 1969 and until today its still continue to showcase the best of their electronic products which has been the window for business trading. Visit the Korea’s Biggest Electronics Show! Korea Electronics Show 2011  

The Fashionable Coffee Maker

My Mom recently purchased this new coffee maker because her old machine got a problem and she said that it's too complicated to program everything so she preferred to buy a new one.  She is such a coffee lover and she can't go out without having a her first coffee.  Aside from being a coffee lover, she's also fashionable with it comes to clothing, accessories and everything. And oh! did I say everything? Yes because aside from her clothing, her coffee maker machine in Zebra print also looks fashionable! See? the black and white zebra print coffee maker matches her outfit!  

The Centerpiece of Our Room

One of the things that I want to make some improvements in our new house is the decorations particularly in our master's bedroom. I really want our room that will look more elegant and comfortable specially when it comes to our bedding because it serves as the centerpiece of our room.  The colors, the patterns and everything about our bed serves as the room’s layout. It became the center of attraction as its colors stipulate the influence on all of those other room decorations, from the wall colors to the things that will be placed on the wall. A great set of beddings is probably the most important aspects of bedroom decor as we intend to make our house feel truly alive and there’s no better way than by choosing a quality bedding.

The Domainaholic

I got this word "domainaholic" from one of my dear blogger friend Ate Vernz. She's also a certified domain addict like me. We inherit it from the "Angel of our Domain Blogs" Mommy Rubz hehe! As of now I'm managing 14 blogs and even though I could not able to update my blogs everyday, I'm so thankful to Mr. Google for the recent PR updates because my travel blog, dieting and weight loss and one of my general blog got a PR 2 rank and the rest are PR 1. Most of my blogs are new ones and I'm so glad that all of them are doing great. Now Ive got 3 new blogs coming up. It's gonna be my entertainment, technology and shopping blog. What else do I have in mind? Nah I still have to focus on these three blogs. It's actually not that easy to start up a new blog since it takes a lot of time and effort.Yeah it's really time consuming and brain draining but its worthy when you see your blogs doing a great job specially when its accepted by some direct

White Skin to Brown

When my younger half sister and her friend spent their holiday here in the Philippines a few weeks ago, all they wanted to do is to go to the beach so they could get a brown tanned skin. While I am hiding and staying at the cottage because I don't want to get dark, they really enjoy themselves swimming and sun bathing at the beach. Laura, my sister Xyza and my daughter Sydelle playing on the sand Laura has a white flawless skin  and she really wanted to have a brown skin like us :)    my sister has a caramel brown skin, Laura is white while I have a chocolate brown skin LOL! 

The Best B2B Marketplace for Environment Related Products

If you are interested in environmental Businesses, Technologies and Products, then it would be a great benefit for you to join ECOTRADE and be involved in this industry with the help of KEITI or Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute. It is a subsidiary governmental institute that aims to improve the quality of life through development promotion and supplying the green technology products. It is their main role to promote the projects for development of green environment technology and the promotion of the environmental industry. KEITI will make an effort to be a leading organization by promoting the innovation of green technology and green product so if you're into buying and selling of environmental related products, you may visit for more information. Buyers will get exclusive service features because thousands of experts and entrepreneurs visit to trade products or share information. You can find Korea's latest environmental produ

Gift Basket Ideas for our Kids

Buying gift for our kids is quite easy since we all know what kids really want. They are very easy to please right? we can just go to a kids store, go shopping and buy them toys and candies and these little things will definitely put a smile on their faces. Toys are a great gift for any child and they are also be cheap. This is one of the best gift basket ideas for kids and its also easy to make with.If you want to give the present to your little girl you just have to buy pink toys, Barbie dolls and other items that are very girly. You just have to arrange them into a classy way with pink ribbon and you will definitely make her happy. If you want to give the gift to a boy you should consider action figures and cars since these are the most common toys for a young boy. Candies and other sweet treats is also a great gift that will truly satisfy your child and it’s also very simple to make or buy. You can have many sorts of candy to choose from such as chocolate boxes, candy bars, co

Reflecting on God's Goodness

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 9 . This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Lainy of Lainy’s Musings . We had a powerful and awesome night of revival which was held at our church last Friday. We call this event as “Jam for Jesus” and it is intended for the youth specially those who are unbelievers or those who did not accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. The power of God manifest through this people and the great revival happened during that night. All of us are dancing as we praise and thanked God for His goodness.  My family and I are working full time in the church ministry. We don't do this because we have an obligation to do it but because we love God and we love to serve Him with all our hearts. As I was reflecting on my musing in Life about God's goodness, I just can't express how I could thanked Him enough for all the blessings that He has given us. We are happy in serving the Lord and we will never be ashamed