The Domainaholic

I got this word "domainaholic" from one of my dear blogger friend Ate Vernz. She's also a certified domain addict like me. We inherit it from the "Angel of our Domain Blogs" Mommy Rubz hehe! As of now I'm managing 14 blogs and even though I could not able to update my blogs everyday, I'm so thankful to Mr. Google for the recent PR updates because my travel blog, dieting and weight loss and one of my general blog got a PR 2 rank and the rest are PR 1. Most of my blogs are new ones and I'm so glad that all of them are doing great.

Now Ive got 3 new blogs coming up. It's gonna be my entertainment, technology and shopping blog. What else do I have in mind? Nah I still have to focus on these three blogs. It's actually not that easy to start up a new blog since it takes a lot of time and effort.Yeah it's really time consuming and brain draining but its worthy when you see your blogs doing a great job specially when its accepted by some direct advertisers. 

Blogging is quite a tiresome but fun and rewarding job. Kudos to my fellow blog addicts out there. As long as blogging helped us financially, we will always be here in blogosphere. Long live my fellow Domainaholics! ^_^

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