One Tough Computer Virus

Oh Geez! It's been several days where hubby and I are battling on these one tough virus on my laptop. The virus occurred when I transferred some photos from my digital camera's memory card to my laptop. I saved all the photos on drive D where I used to save all my files there. When I was trying to open the photos to resize, I cannot open it anymore.

Hubby tried almost all kinds of anti-virus but it didn't work out. We can't just simply reformat it because we don't have a back up files on all our saved photos. Now I really need to have a removable hard disk so we can save our important files. But we are not sure if we were be able to transfer all the files since the problem is from the photos itself. I haven't uploaded the photos yet in Facebook that's why  I find it hard to delete it since we don't have any other back up files in it. 

I just hope things will work out fine.  It's really a one tough problem for me. I need all those photos for my blogging and for our family's important files. 

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