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Online Games for My Little One

My 4 year old daughter is really fond of playing games online. Whenever I want to take a break from my laptop, she would immediately take over to look for games that she wants to play. Good there are many fun online games available on different sites which are fun to play that also provides good learning. I have found some interesting online games for kids that has a colorful and interactive sounds just like dress up games where a user can select a character. She also likes to play adventure games where she catches things like balls, fruits, eggs and many others. Such games helped my child memorize things and use her imagination. It also help to learn how to interact with other people as these games have talking characters and music. Online games for kids help instruct children and keep them entertained with graphics and sounds.They are learning while their playing!

Thankful for the Recognition

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 17. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Mys of Written by Mys . I was surprised when I saw a tagged post message from Mommy Rubz in my Facebook profile a few days ago. It was such an overwhelming message and I am so thankful for the appreciation. I didn't know that she's a stalker of my blogs. LOL! I just didn't expect that she admire me for being able to maintain many blogs in different niches and write original and quality content. Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Online is actually one of my blogging idols here in the blogosphere aside from being my blog host who hosted all my domain blogs. She also serves as my blogging mentor as well. I'm very much thankful for the admiration and I truly appreciate it. It really feels great being appreciated specially when it comes from one of the most influential blogger in the world of blogging. Ive been blogging for 2 years now but I still consider mys

Be Smart! Be There at the Korea Electronics Show

Smart shoppers, consumers and businessmen are so excited to visit Korea's biggest electronics show which will once again showcase the IT icons of the nation. This electronic show is expected to brighten up the IT industry which could help us consumers to improve our lives. It will not also showcase electronics expo, but it will also feature various conferences and meetings regarding information technology. It will help develop the products and services of businessmen and their company in order for them to create more and better business solutions.Not only that, KES will also act as a marketplace for suppliers to market their products.It is a better place to find new technology all together in one place, Isn't that great? There's also an exciting and good news for Korean participants on this electronic show because there will be an Official KES 2011 App for smartphones. The main features of this application includes Pre-registration for KES which is now where buyers an

Join My Lucky Kayce Mini Giveaway!

Hey there friends! I am having a mini giveaway at my newest baby Lucky Kayce ! You can win instant $10 Paypal cash just by following my blog, make a blog post about my giveaway, like my Facebook fanpage and share this giveaway on your Facebook wall. It's so easy right? So, what are you waiting for? Join my Lucky Kayce Mini Giveaway now!  (Please click the mini giveaway link above to join)   Thanks and Good luck everyone! :) 

Buying Vitamins and Supplements Online

Did you know that when you buy vitamins and supplements online, you can generally save a lot of money? Well, it is actually easy to shop for vitamins online and you can get the top quality products including the brands that you trust. You may find that online prices are less than those at the local specialty stores.  With the ability where you can save money, you should definitely consider buying online from a Discount Vitamin Store because they will help you buy vitamins online and get the best prices on vitamins, mineral and supplement products.They even provide a list of discount coupons so you can get extra savings on your purchases.  It is definitely a good way to compare the prices at different stores and the prices of different brands to get the best deal. It is also a useful way to locate stores that carry a particular product you are shopping for.

Here Comes My Lucky Blog!

Hey there friends! Ive got a new baby  and I thanked Mommy Rubz of My Lucky Ruby for her Lucky Domain Giveaway   from the Pasko sa Agosto blog giveaway caravan because I won the giveaway that's why this blog was born and named as Lucky Kayce. Thanks Mommy Rubz for passing your lucky ruby stone to me.This is one of my vanity blog where I'm gonna share my passion and addiction in joining contests, giveaways, freebies and a whole lot more! So don't miss out any online contests happening around the blogosphere and be sure to check my Lucky Kayce blog updates for your chance to win too! ^_^

Makes our Home Stylish & Secured too!

One of the home decor that I would like to put in our new house is to customize and style our outdoor space using the outdoor lightning. I know that with the right lighting, we can highlight our landscaping and outdoor decorations such as sculptures and fountains as it will give our home a unique design and features. Aside from that, this lightning also improves the security of your home. I would definitely consider buying an outdoor lightning because it is an essential piece in every home's security system.Now I have to look for the right products for the good outdoor lightning of our house.  It's the perfect finishing touch to our outdoor design and also helps to increase our home's appeal. It simply adds that special touch to our property that makes our home stylish, special and we also feel safe and secured too.

Cute Pink Personalized Notepad

I received this super cute personalized pink notepad from Mommy Jes a few days ago. I was one of the first 30 participants of Mommy Jes "Let's Party... Jes is Thirsty" giveaway that's why I was able to receive this cutie notepad.  Thanks so much Momi Jes! I really like it!  :)

The Convenience of Buying Event Tickets Online

Are you fond of watching live concerts, theater events or sports events?  You know w hen a certain popular event is coming  there are literally hundreds and even thousands of customers who are attempting to purchase tickets across all distribution channels. Tickets are sold as long as seats are available, and sometimes they go quickly that's why  in many cases, tickets are held by the promoter or venue have been pre-sold to season ticket holders for the entire run of the event . And when an event goes on sale, people would buy through phone call or in person. But in my case, I prefer to purchase tickets online because it is more convenient and we can find the event and venue information such as directions and parking. You can also get the schedule of all booked events and online  availability of these various event tickets such  Wells Fargo Center Tickets  and   Chicago Theatre Tickets .  I'm sure you don't want to miss this  event so you don’t need to worry to reach there

Hiring a Good Professional Photographer

I really adore beautiful photos which was captured by a professional photographer specially those who are portrait, fashion, wedding, or pre nuptial shots. I am actually planning to have a photo shoot session soon when I have enough budget for my portrait shots. I have found a very good photographer who already did some photo shoot of my cousins. I've also checked out his photography website and I was so amazed on his style of shooting and the quality of his work. He is a true professional photographer that has a great experience of photography in a variety of subjects, from babies to children to families, etc. He got that artistic vision in creating angles and interesting points of view and the things that make its shots so unique and compelling. I already contacted him through email and I have that comfortable feeling on him. I'm pretty sure that our photo shooting experience soon will be much nicer and more productive because I could feel the person behind the camera is a

Happily in Love

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 14. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Sheila of Picture My World. Well, I think the picture above shows itself...wink! Meet my mom and her new boyfriend. No he's not yet my step dad 'coz they're still dating for months now but I'm happy for my mom now that she found the love of her life. I haven't meet him yet but they're gonna be here next year for their holiday. He's actually excited to meet me and my family too. My mom told me he is a kind, gentle and loving man with sense of humor. Well, I think he is by looking at his photo and I think he is the right man that my mom have been looking for. We keep on praying for the perfect guy where my mom could spend the rest of her life with and I think he is the answer to our prayers 'coz he is such a blessing to our family right now.  ^_^

Pasko sa Agosto: My $50 Cash Giveaway Winner!

First of all I would like to thank you my dear friends specially to my followers who followed my new blogs. I really appreciate your time and effort in joining my giveaway. There were 98 qualified participants with a total of 297 entries. So without further ado, here's the winner! tantadadan....! drum roll please!?  CONGRATULATIONS MOMMY PINX LABADO! :) I already sent you a winning message through your email. Please reply asap so I could send you the prize. For those who did not win, don't worry because I will be having another cash giveaway soon! The cash is twice the prize of my recently ended giveaway! Woot! so watch out for it!  Thanks so much my friends for joining!  See you in my next giveaway :)