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The Lady and The Boat

Here's a photo of mine wearing my hot pink backless top. ^_^  It was taken a few weeks ago when we were invited to attend a beach birthday party of a family friend.The fisherman who owns this boat is actually waiting for me because I begged him to wait for awhile so I can have a beach photo remembrance of this boat LOL! I'm posting this entry for

The Importance of Web Hosting

When I started blogging two years ago, I have no idea what is web hosting all about since I only used free blogging platform. As you can see, this Life and Journey Online blog of mine is my very first blog that I created from Blogger. When I discovered that there are paid opportunities online where I can earn money through blogging, my blogger friends advised me create a self hosted blog. As my blogging journey continues, I have come to realize and understand how important web hosting is. It is just like a house that has been built in a factory, but that needs land on which to be situated. A web host is the terrain for my website and the web hosting providers give my websites a place to stay. It is important to have a web hosting for my website because without it, no one will be able to see my website since web hosting allows everyone to have the access to my site. There are many different types of web hosts available on the market today but it is important to choose the suitable p

Where are All the Blogs that I Followed?

I was in the mood for blog hopping today but I just felt bad that I couldn't find all the blogs that I followed in my reading list. I used to click refresh on all blog updates but even if I already clicked it several times, still it didn't showed. I even tried other browsers but nothing happened.  I have tried the updated blogger interface but still there are no list on my followed blogs. It says that I have to add the blog URL. How can I add them all? I didn't memorize all the blogs that I followed. Sigh! Although I have tried viewing it in Google reader and Ive seen some of the blogs that I'm following but I think not all them are there.  How about you my friends? Have you also experienced this problem in Blogger lately? 

MyPhone is Pink!

Yey! I'm proud to share with you my newly bought pink MyPhone TW1 Touchscreen phone. Ive been eying on this phone for several months now and I'm so happy that I finally bought it. This is out from my blogging earnings. :) Good thing there's a mall wide sale last week and its on sale for only P3,488 / $80. What mainly attracts me to buy this phone is because its PINK! I think some of you already knows that I am a certified pink lover. Aside from its attractive hot pink color, what I love about this phone is that it has an awesome features such as WiFi connection. I will write a  mobile phone review about it on my Techie Kayce blog soon. ^_^

Teaching Doctors Various Skills

Did you know that Oxford Medical are one of the oldest and largest medical career development companies in the UK? It was established since 2004 offering a portfolio of training courses that includes teaching interview skills, medical management courses and medical teaching courses. A comprehensive details can be found on website. They provide services about teaching doctors various skills as well as the courses that they are offering such as consultant interview course which is taught by expert trainers who have experience in the medical interview process.The course is taught to small groups so each student can have personal attention where students also receive the benefits of free support and training. Many doctors are making the decision to book into medical teaching course so that they can receive the latest in educational theory that will help enrich their roles as senior doctors and consultants. This course teaches doctors the latest educational the

The Least and Inexpensive Way to Communicate

This post brought to you by TracFone . All opinions are 100% mine. Communication is very important these days and even if you can communicate for free through email, nothing compares to the convenience and mobility in using a cell phone. If you are looking for a cheap prepaid cell phone, I suggest you try using Tracfone.  My sister in law is actually using Tracfone for several years now since they migrated in the U.S. It helped her a lot in communicating with her kids since she doesn’t have time to check them out at school due to her multiple jobs. Her kids are quite busy specially during summer since they have joined several activities in school but thanks to Tracfone phones because it really helped in keeping in touch with them. Tracfone phones offers more benefits for you since it doesn’t have any contracts, activation charges or any other hidden fees. It is definitely the least and inexpensive way to communicate using prepaid phones. Aside from that, it has great nationwide cov

No Internet Connection

As of writing this post, I am here at the internet cafe. Can you just imagine an i-cafe owner like me went to the other cafe just to go online? We don't have internet for 2 days now and I felt like I'm already out in the world of blogosphere. Ive got lots of pending tasks on paid opportunities and I haven't got the time to update all my blogs. The reason why we don't have connection is because the electrical company here in our area transferred some electrical posts and cut off some trees that hindered those electrical wiring. We don't have electricity the whole day yesterday and when the lights went back last night, our other problem is the internet connection. I just hope that the internet will get back today. Our business is always affected when there's no electricity and no internet connection as well. Plus my extra income online is affected too. Sadness :(

Sexy Fancy Dress Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and its time to join the fun at the Halloween party  while you wear your favorite Halloween costumes. My mom loves to wear fancy dress costumes and she often wear it when she's invited to join a fancy costume party. Check out some of her sexy fancy dresses below: My mom really loves to dress up in many different things. The sexier the costume, the more attention it will bring. For these types of parties, a nice sexy fancy costume will  just do just the trick. Having the trendiest costume  like these will allow you to have fun and have a lot of compliments. Being original in your costume is nice and you can always get a few compliments, but most of the time people like to know what you are wearing for Halloween.  You can find lots of fancy dress costumes online. Just have fun and pick the outfit that you want to wear. You can never be wrong with your costume choice if you are happy with the decision you have made. Taking from movies and movie

Photo and Beauty Blog Coming Up!

Yes another baby bloggie was added on my blog list and this will be my 19th and 20th blog. I actually won these 2 domains from different blog giveaways that Ive joined. Did you know that most of my domain blogs are out from my winnings in  contests and giveaways? That's how addicted I am in adding blogs almost every month. Although I couldn't able to update all my blogs everyday but I'm trying my best to post an interesting content in different niches. Thanked God for giving me that knowledge and wisdom where I can still think of a topic to write with. You know its not that easy to maintain so many blogs specially if you still have lots of things to do offline.  Well so much for that, as of now I'm still searching for cool and unique free Wordpress themes for my new blogs. And oh! before I forgot, I will be having another mini giveaway where I will be giving Paypal cash as prizes so please stay tuned for more details. TIA!  Gotta have to beautify my new blogs first.

Treatment from Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Someone who is suffering from alcohol dependence has a lot of painful experiences. I think not only a painful one but its also a humiliating experience for an alcohol addict. My uncle was used to be a drug and alcohol addict before and I was a living testimony of his miserable life when he suffered from this addiction that almost killed his life. But thanks to an alcohol rehab center who helped my uncle recovered from drug addiction and alcoholism. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from a rehabilitation center aside from being able to recover from alcoholism. The therapists assigned will formulate an effective plan just like what San Francisco alcohol rehabilitation is providing for their patients. I also believe that with the help of having an alcohol abuse professionals and peers who really understand what you are going through, it is the key to the success of an in-patient addict just what my uncle did when he was admitted and had successfully recovered after a series o

Renewing my EON Card

I went to Union Bank the other day to renew my EON card since it will expire next week. The process is so easy. I just filled up a form with my details, payed P150 for the card replacement fee and surrendered my old EON card to the teller. A blogger friend told me that I need to send a photocopy of my valid ID's but they didn't require it anymore. The teller in charge just told me that I just have to wait after one week to get my new EON card. Although I don't often use this card in transferring money from my paypal account but I'm still sending and saving a little funds from it so I can buy some domains whenever godaddy is having some sale.I just prefer using my BDO card since they only charge P50 as service fee from my paypal transactions. EON card charges P250 since I used visa card so I can definitely save using my BDO savings bank account.  :)

Mood Enhancer Herbal Products

Did you know that herbal products have become extremely popular due to the magical ability of these alternative forms of medicine in providing cure and relief to a number of diseases and ailments? These natural remedies has actually been proven to be more effective than commonly prescribed drugs. Now if you're wondering how does herbal medicines differ from the traditional synthetic drugs and why it is recommended by some medical practitioners, its simply because herbal products are more natural and free from harmful chemical ingredients.  It doesn't have side effects and its effective in preventing and curing diseases and it even helped us to feel revived from stress, depression and anxiety with the help of Spiritual powders or spiritual dust.  This kind of herbal product has been proven to helped us feel good specially for night life people who wants to have more energy and strength all night long.You can find it online only at Herbal City LLC if you're looking for

Using Mobile Phone Applications

Mobile phones are commonly used nowadays and everyday, there are a number of Smartphone users who are increasing exponentially. Mobile applications are improving too as it helps in changing the way we communicate with each other. Applications are developed using a variety of platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, and other Symbian phones. There are different mobile applications available. One of them is the mobile phone access in banking. My local bank actually offers this kind of mobile application so I could easily check out my bank transactions. Website and some popular magazines are available also for reading on the go as well as the entertainment companies that offers multimedia contents can now be viewed on a mobile application. It is easy to see that the market is bombarded with mobile business applications and the demand is increasing since most of us are using high-tech mobile phones.