Photo and Beauty Blog Coming Up!

Yes another baby bloggie was added on my blog list and this will be my 19th and 20th blog. I actually won these 2 domains from different blog giveaways that Ive joined. Did you know that most of my domain blogs are out from my winnings in  contests and giveaways? That's how addicted I am in adding blogs almost every month.

Although I couldn't able to update all my blogs everyday but I'm trying my best to post an interesting content in different niches. Thanked God for giving me that knowledge and wisdom where I can still think of a topic to write with. You know its not that easy to maintain so many blogs specially if you still have lots of things to do offline. 

Well so much for that, as of now I'm still searching for cool and unique free Wordpress themes for my new blogs. And oh! before I forgot, I will be having another mini giveaway where I will be giving Paypal cash as prizes so please stay tuned for more details.

TIA!  Gotta have to beautify my new blogs first. ^_^

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