Renewing my EON Card

I went to Union Bank the other day to renew my EON card since it will expire next week. The process is so easy. I just filled up a form with my details, payed P150 for the card replacement fee and surrendered my old EON card to the teller. A blogger friend told me that I need to send a photocopy of my valid ID's but they didn't require it anymore. The teller in charge just told me that I just have to wait after one week to get my new EON card.

Although I don't often use this card in transferring money from my paypal account but I'm still sending and saving a little funds from it so I can buy some domains whenever godaddy is having some sale.I just prefer using my BDO card since they only charge P50 as service fee from my paypal transactions. EON card charges P250 since I used visa card so I can definitely save using my BDO savings bank account.  :)

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