Teaching Doctors Various Skills

Did you know that Oxford Medical are one of the oldest and largest medical career development companies in the UK? It was established since 2004 offering a portfolio of training courses that includes teaching interview skills, medical management courses and medical teaching courses. A comprehensive details can be found on medicalinterviewsuk.co.uk website.

They provide services about teaching doctors various skills as well as the courses that they are offering such as consultant interview course which is taught by expert trainers who have experience in the medical interview process.The course is taught to small groups so each student can have personal attention where students also receive the benefits of free support and training.

Many doctors are making the decision to book into medical teaching course so that they can receive the latest in educational theory that will help enrich their roles as senior doctors and consultants. This course teaches doctors the latest educational theories and prepares doctors to feel confident about teaching.

A 3 day medical management course was also offered for Doctors who are working in a primary and secondary care as well as Consultants who wish to receive formal training on leadership, management and the theory of management. It covers performance management and personal effectiveness skills as well as management and leadership of specialist and disciplinary teams to achieve the effective working and further development of services. 

The teach the teacher course is also taught in Oxford and London as it provides doctors with formal training in teaching. The students learn important skills such as how to prepare thorough presentations and how to deal with difficult students. This course has an excellent reputation and is considered the best Teach the Teacher medical course in the U.K.

Their various interview courses are aimed to improve doctors various skills since they are fully aware of what you require.  Their tutors are experts in this field and they are fully trained and has vast a experience in the medical selection process.

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