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My Fabulous Prize from Fitflop Philippines!

I joined Fitflop Philippines Facebook giveaway  a few weeks ago and I was so surprised when I found out that I am one of the 5 winners who won a pair of Electra Strata sandals worth P3,490 that's around $83! I was lucky enough to win these awesome giveaway from Fitflops. Imagine there are more than 1,000 participants who joined this giveaway and I was luckily picked by ^_^  I was able to claim the prize at Fitflop kiosk here in Limketkai Mall so here it is! Oh geez! I really love this Electra Strata Palladium sandals. It looks so pretty, sassy and fabulous! I just love its shiny shimmering sequins and its so comfortable to walk with. Frugal moms like me cannot afford to buy this kind of  expensive footwear. But thanks to Fitflop Philippines for their awesome giveaway because I got it for FREE!!! weeeee!

Online Shopping for Black Friday

Holiday shopping madness is getting even madder as many shoppers are flocking to the malls because of Black Friday deals. Many people are waiting outside of the malls and stores starting at midnight to take advantage of those discounted items on sale. Popular Retailers including Best Buy, Target, Macy's and Kohl's are now open at midnight of the Thanksgiving night until Friday morning. For busy people who can't get up early on Friday, they prefer to wait and to shop for Black Friday online. Online shoppers can do the early birds one better since they can hit the stores, from the comfort of their own homes, at 12am on Black Friday. Most major retailers open up their online stores for easy purchasing on their deals and discounts. Online specials for Black Friday deals makes the experience even more attractive for shoppers. Stores sometimes mark down their online discounts even more than they do in the stores themselves. Some merchandise and deals are reserved exclusively

Get The Best Deals Today on Thanksgiving Day!

Today is the fourth Thursday in the month of November and it is a holiday in the US where they are celebrating their Thanksgiving Day. It is one of the major holidays of the year together with Christmas and New Year and it has been a part of the broader holiday season. It is a celebration where they are thankful for all the blessings that God has given them. It’s a great day where families are staying together as they get themselves ready for dinner, roasting turkeys and preparing some tasty meals where they could all share together. Aside from the sumptuous meals, people are also waiting for the Thanksgiving sales in stores for their all sale weekend long as it offers great items where everyone could take advantage on it.You can find lots of items to choose from. Anything you want and anything you need are there from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, your must have gadget or home decorations.  You can start your shopping spree during the midnight or at the start of the morning

Join Gagay's Pagerank & Birthday Giveaway!

My pretty blogger friend Sis Gagay is having an awesome giveaway as her way thanking Mr. Google for having a Pagerank of 3 on her blog woohoo! This also serves as her thanksgiving on her birthday. Check out her exciting prizes to be given away: 10   Page Rank   Shirts A total of   $360 PayPal cash 1 winner – $100 2 winners – $50 each 4 winners – $25 each 4 winners – $15 each 5 1-year Domain Hosting Special thanks to her generous sponsors who made this giveaway possible.  AirForce Blogger   |   Best of Riyadh Saudi Arabia   |   Brenna Speaks   | Cee of Every Thought Counts   |   Cooking Games   |   Cooking Games for Girls   |   cooking games for girls   |   Cosmo Girl   |   Credit Card Informations   |   Culture Medley   |   Daily Snippets   |   Diamond Rings   | Dinampo Family   |   Earning Online Moolah   |   Eat, Drink, Blog   | Engineering Vault   |   Essay Paradise   |   Eye for Fashion   |   Fashion and Technology   |   Feeling Traveler Aketch   |   Fishy

The Best Waterproof Digital Cameras Around?

For someone like me who loves to go swimming and shelling out time within the water like snorkeling and diving, owning a waterproof digital camera is a must have gadget so I could capture those beautiful moments and the nice underwater scenery as well.  I really want to buy one soon since my family and I will be having our holiday next year and we want to try out the fun in underwater activities. We would like to take photos of wonderful places on our Europe trip soon. I am pretty sure its gonna be an awesome adventure and escapade for our family that is why we have to bring a sturdy waterproof digital camera with us. Ive been looking around for some good digital camera with great attributes and specs.  Aside from being waterproof, an excellent digital camera must also be shockproof  to defend the camera from jarring and accidental drops. The camera must also be capable to resist serious weather conditions and temperature fluctuations so it can still take quality photographs.  I

My First Google Adsense Payment

Finally after more than a year of waiting to reach the minimum $100 payout, I  received my very first payment from Google Adsense. Woohoo! I was so happy of course since this is my first time to received payment from Google. I was able to withdraw my money through Western Union quick cash payment. It took me more than a year to reach it since my earnings came here in my main blog from blogger. My traffic here was very low so it resulted in poor page views and a poor amount of clicks. Well, I actually don't expect of high earnings since I don't know yet how to earn huge amount of money from Google Adsense unlike other bloggers who are earning around $3000 a month. Whoa! I think I have to learn more about the tips and tricks on how they were able to earn  it. Anyway,  so how about you guys?  did you also receive payment from Google Adsense? If so, how long did it take  you to reach the payout stage?

Here Comes My Beauty Blog

Howdy all my friends! Hope all is well with you. Ive got another baby blog which is my 19th blog on my list.This Woman’s Beauty Haven blog of mine is everything about beauty related, makeup and reviews of any beauty products. You will learn some tips and tricks on makeup, natural beauty tips, beauty tips for women, make up beauty tips and some review of your favorite products and all the latest from the world of beauty and makeup.  So if you love cosmetics and anything that's beauty related, I hope you could follow me guys. I would also return the favor in following your blogs too. Thanks much!

So Excited for our Family Holiday in Switzerland!

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 22 . This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits sponsored by Jared’s Mum of Mumwrites . Woohoo! I am so excited for our family holiday in Switzerland next year. My Mum who's been working in Switzerland for more than 20 years has invited us to visit her working country and spend some holiday there. We are going to spend our holiday there next year during summer time that will be on the months of June until August 2012. It will be a 3 months holiday that's why I am very much excited to visit these beautiful European country. Its actually my first time to travel abroad together with my family so I'm sure this is gonna be an exciting travel and adventure for us.I just can't wait for our holiday! Thank you Lord for this overflowing blessings, unmerited favor and  awesome opportunity that you had given us. God is really good all the time! :)

Helps in Maintaining the Cleanliness of our Home

Having more than one house is actually not that easy. Aside from the double payment bills, cleaning them is not an easy thing to do. That's how I handle our houses. We both have a new and old house. Although we are still staying on our old house, but I also take some time to visit our new house and clean it. There comes a point where I just don't have enough time to handle the cleaning chores within our home and I can no longer able to do the cleaning since we don't have a housemaid at home. If only there's a maid service agency available here in our place just like what the House cleaning service Germantown MD   which is a reliable house cleaning and maid service in Germantown. I know they can really help relieve my stress of it all since they can do the cleaning and ironing work starting from our tiles, to the rugs in our home as well as the dust and dirt. They can do a weekly house cleaning services so that would definitely make our house and surroundings look clea

Buying Our Medicines Online

Buying items online made our lives easier and better that is why most of us prefer to buy online because of its comfort and convenience. We like to shop online for clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, gadgets and even buying medicines from online pharmacies. Purchasing your medicines online is the best way that you can get for your desired medications without moving out from your home. These pharmacies such as the online canadian pharmacy will help you to order your medications. If you want privacy, then you can opt for online pharmacies. There are few problems where you feel uncomfortable to visit your doctor personally, then in that case, you can purchase your medicine online. They provide free consultation to the customers. They are also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and you can call them if you have any queries. They also give discounts if you order a popular medication or if you reorder the drug. If you buy plavix online as it is prescribed for persons with acute c