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Life Goes On

Its been two weeks since we experienced the unexpected tragedy where our family was affected by Typhoon Sendong. We don't know how to start at first. My heart cried out after seeing all our things and belongings got damaged from the flood but we are thankful to God that my family and I are safe although we got some wounds and bruises after we jumped from one roof to another until we finally found a safe place to stay during the flash flood. All our computers from our internet cafe got damaged and even my laptop got soaked with mud that's why I wasn't able to go online these past few days. We don't have our main source income anymore because we are not sure if our computers will work. As of now I only rely on my blogging income and some financial support of my family. I know that in due time, God will restore everything. Life goes on for our family as we face the new year with new hope. We welcome the new year with happiness and joy as we continue serving the Lord with

Our Damaged House and Business Caused by Typhoon Sendong

The tragedy happened last Saturday,December 17 at around 12:45 am. I was aware when my fellow blogger and friend Mommy Rubz informed me about the storm coming here in our city. I heard the strong wind blows and the heavy rainfall. I keep on looking at the water outside our house. The electricity keep on fluctuating and it eventually blacked out. Hubby and I are still awake at that time and our daughter was already sleeping. When I tried to open the door again to check out the water level, it already entered our shop. I went panic so I immediately wake up my daughter and my hubby told me to get my bag, our phones and our digital camera. We climbed at our roof and hide at the branch of a mango tree. Good thing my hubby got our rechargeable lamp and it serves as our light. The place was so dark and it was freezing cold outside. I heard so many people calling for our help. Their voices reminds me of the "Hell is real" video where people are shouting and screaming. As much as we

Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when happiness and joy abounds  and its one of the most exciting and festive holiday. It is also a unique day to party along with our friends and relatives so Christmas party is always there to enjoy and socialize with each other by giving gifts and entertainment but one must be always sure enough by planning the event ahead.  The most important aspects that are to be planned quite early includes  the making a guest list, sending out invitations, planning a menu and setting a budget for food and decorations. If these are planned out properly, the organizers need not be tensed about all the tiny details as these can be looked in a couple of days before the big day. Whenever Christmas party ideas are proposed, just make sure there are some entertainment programs like dance performances involving the participants. If you are interested in bringing together  a people of all age groups for Christmas party, organize a daylong party. It a

Getting Enough Sleep

Everyone needs to sleep. That is the very basic thing that we need to do in order to keep our mind and body healthy. Being well rested is an important part of staying healthy as it will help us live longer and have a better memory. A lack of sleep can make depression worse for many people as it raise their stress levels, while getting enough sleep eases anxiety and regulates emotional stability in people experiencing depression. Even in people who are not depressed, getting enough sleep can reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. Sleep is indeed a great tonic for the emotions. They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing right? So while you sleep, your body repairs itself. Experts say you need eight hours of sleep to avoid puffy, dark under eye circles and a pale washed out complexion. In my case, I'm having a dry skin and a red, sleepy and tired eyes. Getting enough sleep is an important matter for everyone.If you are not sleeping well, consider a schedule or environme

Token Ideas

Its the most wonderful time of the year now that its the month of December already. Ive got a lot of invitations from my family and friends get together party and reunions. One of them is our upcoming Bisdak Bloggers / PMC VisMin Grand Eyeball and Christmas Dinner on December 21. I am so excited for this event because I'll be able to meet my blogger friends in person.  I already met some of them during our previous mini EB meet ups but this time there are other expat moms who will attend on this event. Some of my blogger friends outside Cagayan de Oro City will also join so I'm sure its gonna be a whole lot of fun chit chatting and knowing each other in person.  I'm also thinking of giving out some tokens to everyone who will attend. Id like to give a personalized gift such as friendship bracelets, notepads, pens and so much more. Ive got so many things and ideas in my mind but I still can't decide what to give  LOL! I think I better ask my fellow blogger friends wha

Dancing with Her Tito

Oh geez! my life has been so very busy offline nowadays. ( I think I'm always busy LOL!) well, better late than never so here's my entry for this week's Pink Friday. This cutie photo of my daughter together with her Tito (Uncle) was taken during the debut on one of our church young people. This was held last Friday at our church.While the debutante and the 18 roses was dancing on the traditional cotillion dance, my daughter was also dancing with them :)