Life Goes On

Its been two weeks since we experienced the unexpected tragedy where our family was affected by Typhoon Sendong. We don't know how to start at first. My heart cried out after seeing all our things and belongings got damaged from the flood but we are thankful to God that my family and I are safe although we got some wounds and bruises after we jumped from one roof to another until we finally found a safe place to stay during the flash flood.

All our computers from our internet cafe got damaged and even my laptop got soaked with mud that's why I wasn't able to go online these past few days. We don't have our main source income anymore because we are not sure if our computers will work. As of now I only rely on my blogging income and some financial support of my family. I know that in due time, God will restore everything. Life goes on for our family as we face the new year with new hope. We welcome the new year with happiness and joy as we continue serving the Lord with gladness. Thank you Lord for all youve done. Youve been so good to us always....

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