Our Damaged House and Business Caused by Typhoon Sendong

The tragedy happened last Saturday,December 17 at around 12:45 am. I was aware when my fellow blogger and friend Mommy Rubz informed me about the storm coming here in our city. I heard the strong wind blows and the heavy rainfall. I keep on looking at the water outside our house. The electricity keep on fluctuating and it eventually blacked out. Hubby and I are still awake at that time and our daughter was already sleeping. When I tried to open the door again to check out the water level, it already entered our shop. I went panic so I immediately wake up my daughter and my hubby told me to get my bag, our phones and our digital camera. We climbed at our roof and hide at the branch of a mango tree. Good thing my hubby got our rechargeable lamp and it serves as our light. The place was so dark and it was freezing cold outside.

I heard so many people calling for our help. Their voices reminds me of the "Hell is real" video where people are shouting and screaming. As much as we wanted to help them but we just can't help them since we ourselves are struggling for survival. We earnestly prayed to God at that time asking for His help and mercy. We thanked the Lord for the immediate answered prayer because we saw our brother in law and our fellow church members who help us. We have no other options but to jump to the other roof. We jumped 4 times before we reached to the big 2 storey house.

My daughter was even thrown to the other roof but she was caught by her uncle. We find it hard to carry her cause we might fall on the flash flood. I was injured and got wounded when I jumped high on the roof but I didn't mind it. All I think is my family and I will be safe and secure. Thanked God we were able to get inside the 2 storey house. We stayed there until early in the morning. It was so heartbreaking to see people drowning, all the animals and the things that are washed away. It was even painful to see our things and belongings got damaged and all covered with thick mud. But we are not worried about it because I know God will restore all everything. We greatly thanked the Lord because my family and I are still alive. That's the most important thing. Thank you Lord!

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