Token Ideas

Its the most wonderful time of the year now that its the month of December already. Ive got a lot of invitations from my family and friends get together party and reunions. One of them is our upcoming Bisdak Bloggers / PMC VisMin Grand Eyeball and Christmas Dinner on December 21. I am so excited for this event because I'll be able to meet my blogger friends in person. 

I already met some of them during our previous mini EB meet ups but this time there are other expat moms who will attend on this event. Some of my blogger friends outside Cagayan de Oro City will also join so I'm sure its gonna be a whole lot of fun chit chatting and knowing each other in person. 

I'm also thinking of giving out some tokens to everyone who will attend. Id like to give a personalized gift such as friendship bracelets, notepads, pens and so much more. Ive got so many things and ideas in my mind but I still can't decide what to give  LOL! I think I better ask my fellow blogger friends what are their tokens so I can have more ideas before I finally decide what to give. Well, whatever it is, I'm sure they would appreciate this simple token of mine as a sign of my good friendship to them.  ^_^

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