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No Internet Connection

One of the main reason why I can't update all my blogs is that I don't have an internet connection yet. Ive been waiting for PLDT MyDSL's connection for more than a month now since their main line here in our place also got damaged from the flood. They said they have to order the so called fiber optic cable abroad and it could take them one month to fully restore their service. Weve transferred from our commercial rented house to our residential house so I asked them to transfer the line to our new address. They already surveyed our place so I do hope that they can reconnect our internet as soon as possible. I have my SMART BRO plug it internet broadband usb but it takes forever before I could get connected to the internet. It has a very slow connection, its intermittent and unstable. I have to go to a place where the 3G connectivity is fast so I ended up going to an internet cafe so I could go online. Its such a hassle for me since I have to go to the city and find an i-c

Home Pink Home

After cleaning all those muddy things that we have which was left from the flood, my family and I are so busy in transferring our things from our rented commercial house to our pink house. We finally slept in this house yesterday. My mom bought this house for my family and just like Today's Homes which is a Custom Home Builder, they've guide us through every stage in creating our home. They provide all the flexibility and choice that we need to get the high quality home we deserve.  That is why we love this house because its custom made with love and even if some of our household things got damaged, we are still thankful that we have our old things recovered so we were able to use them. Were still a one happy family now that we live in our new home pink home.  

I Miss Blogging So Much! :(

Its been more than three weeks since I stopped blogging and I felt like I am lost in the blogosphere. I missed a lot of paid tasks and opportunities online aside from the fact that I find it hard to concentrate my mind into blogging. I have 20 blogs that needs to be updated and one of the main reason where I can't blog is that we don't have an internet connection yet.  I went to our internet service provider and they told us that it will take more than a month before they could restore the connection in our place since their main line was seriously affected and also got damaged from the flood. I have no choice but to go to the city and go online in an internet cafe. Haaayz! sadness :( but I have to do it so I could continue blogging. I just need more motivation so I could get myself back into my passion in blogging.