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Find Foreclosure Listings for Free!

It may be sad and painful to know that when a homeowner fails to pay on a mortgage payment, the mortgage lender has the right to pursue a foreclosure. The property will be put up for auction and bought by the highest bidder. However, for home buyers and real estate investors, buying a property foreclosures can be a frugal way since it is often sold for much less than the price of its market value.If you are one of those home buyers who are looking for a new home, a summer vacation house or perhaps a valuable investment property, you can find Free Foreclosure listings online as it provides comprehensive information on foreclosure that will enable you to keep informed and make wise investment decisions.  You can find thousands of foreclosure listings, pictures and maps on most properties, REO websites and foreclosure auctions. It will give you everything you need to make a valuable and lucrative investments in foreclosure properties.You can check it out now to find out how good the ser

Find Another Way to Earn Money

If you're one of Sheriff's blogger, I know you will also received a message were they will be giving preferential treatment to blogs on static IP or Dedicated IP. It means that each blog should have its own static IP and to get this, you need to have separate hosting and dedicated IP for each blog under them.  I am under Mommy Rubz hosting and I need to get SSL with one time payment of $50 and then a static IP at $3 a month. I have 9 blogs under Sheriff so meaning I need to get 9 different hosting for each waaaaaaah! Poor me :( I can't even afford to renew all my domains huhuhu! We are really financially broke this time since all of our computers from our internet cafe got damaged from Typhoon Sendong and now that I can't rely much on blogging since I can only get few opportunities online, (aside from that fact that all of my PR 2 blogs went down due to un-updated blog posts), I better find another way to earn money to supply our daily needs.

Enjoy Discount Prices on your Prescription from Walgreens

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens . All opinions are 100% mine. For some people who are quite busy in their lives, they often take health for granted. At times, they only take appropriate health actions once they feel ill. Health enables us to do our daily tasks without anything getting in the way. So to avoid illness from coming in the first place, it is important to do prevention measures. These things can be done with the aid of products and services just like  Walgreens Prescription Savings Club   is offering right now were families can receive a special discount on annual membership. For only $35 a year, the family membership covers your immediate family that includes dependents  age 22 and younger and even your pets! If you are single, you will only pay $20 for an individual membership. The many benefits that you can get from joining and receiving discount prices on your prescription from Walgreens is that you can save for more than 8,000 brand-name

Their Story, Our Story

This is my entry to the Week 24 of Techie She Weekly Giveaways . This week’s lucky blogger will win $10 Paypal credits from Borris of Humble Opinion . Its been more than a month since the devastation happened when tropical storm Sendong hit our city but the memory still lingers in our mind. My fellow ka-barangay residents are still keep on talking about their tragic experiences on how they were able to survive the flood. They share their story and we share our story too since all of us are filled with conflicting emotions. We just can't believe that the tragedy happened in our area. There are many local residents in our place who lived here since their childhood and they never experienced it before. It was the first time that ever happened to our barangay. We shared our views, opinion and anger towards the illegal loggers, mining activities and unresponsive government. We are urging the local government to make an immediate action on dredging of water bodies in the city. Our tho